iPhone gets a new function: Cash registers are to be replaced

iPhone gets a new function: Cash registers are to be replaced

Digital cameras, games consoles, music players and of course mobile phones: iPhones are real jacks of all trades and have already replaced many everyday objects. One thing could be added in the near future: the cash register. Smaller shopkeepers in particular could benefit from Apple's plans.

In hardly any other industrialized country are coins and notes still as ubiquitous as in Germany. "Cash laughs" is a popular saying, and not for nothing. In addition to historical reasons, the Germans' love of cash can also be explained in practical terms: cashless payments cannot be made everywhere. Owners of smaller shops in particular shy away from cashless payment options due to the high acquisition and maintenance costs. But Apple could soon jump into this breach.

iPhones are to become checkout terminals

According to media reports, the US group is working on a checkout function for the iPhone (source: Bloomberg). This should allow iPhones to accept cash payments , the mobile phone would become a payment terminal. The technical implementation should run via the NFC interface built into the device. So far, iPhones can only make payments via Apple Pay, but not receive them.

Practical: The iPhone should not only be able to receive payments from other iPhones, but also from credit cards . Similar to Apple Pay, sending and receiving money would probably take place via touch: Simply hold the iPhone or credit card on the checkout iPhone - done. The sum is already changing hands.

Depending on how high the transaction fees are, Apple could use such a feature to help smaller shopkeepers in particular. Hairdressers, snack bars, food trucks or small clothing stores often shy away from the high costs associated with contactless payments.

How to add a card to Apple Pay:

Apple plans rollout in the coming months

It is unclear when Apple will present the new checkout function and whether the group will work with a well-known payment service provider or set up its own system. "In the coming months," according to insiders, Cupertino should complete the rollout.


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