iPhone 15 is different: New technology celebrates its premiere at Apple

iPhone 15 is different: New technology celebrates its premiere at Apple

The rumor mill is not only concentrating on Apple's mobile phone presentations for the new year, there are already details on the upcoming iPhone 15. We will probably see this in autumn 2023 at the earliest.

iPhone 15 Pro for the first time with a periscope camera

Even if it will be almost two years before the launch, the rumor mill is already heating up with reports on the iPhone 15. According to analyst and expert Jeff Pu, Apple is planning to use a so-called periscope camera specifically for the iPhone 15 Pro (source: MacRumors). The rumor is not really new, because there were similar reports months ago, but it was still unclear whether Apple would use the new type of camera in the iPhone 14 or just now in the iPhone 15.

But what would be the advantage of the new technology that Apple has not yet installed? In short: users can zoom in further than before, but there is no blurring. Specifically, there is speculation about a tenfold optical zoom. This is achieved with a trick, because the light that falls into the telephoto lens on the back of the iPhone is reflected by an angled mirror onto the camera's image sensor. By changing the direction of light, Apple could easily integrate a longer telephoto lens into the iPhone 15 Pro, one with greater zoom performance .

Apple still wants to block it, Samsung already has it, the periscope camera:

An "old hat" for the competition

This principle is already used in Apple's competitions. For example, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and the Huawei P40 Pro + have such a periscope camera. The current iPhone 13 Pro (Max), on the other hand, follows a classic approach and only offers a 3x optical zoom instead of a 10x zoom. For Apple, the periscope camera would be both a premiere and a significant improvement in camera performance.

But if you want to wait for it, you have to be patient: As already mentioned, it will probably not be ready until autumn 2023 and Apple will catch up with the competition on this point.


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