iPhone 14 holes: Apple s secret plans for 2022

iPhone 14 holes: Apple s secret plans for 2022

The new year is only a few days old when Mark Gurman, one of the most recognized Apple experts, has already come up with a serious forecast for the next few months. Not only the iPhone 14 is therefore in the starting blocks.

The prophecies of Mark Gurman - a reporter at Bloomberg and one of the best-informed insiders in the Apple universe - are relatively congruent with our prediction. According to the experts, many new Apple devices await us in 2022 . But what exactly should we expect?

iPhone 14 in a new design

Gurman reveals this in his weekly newsletter (source: Power On via MacRumors). It starts with statements about the upcoming iPhone, still Apple's most important product. The importance of the smartphone will not change in 2022 either. However, the design of the new iPhone 14 will very likely change.

According to the experts, at least some models of the iPhone 14 will do without the notch (display notch) and instead only use a small camera hole ("hole punch design") . The necessary sensors for Face ID (Apple's face recognition) should therefore then move under the display. Most likely, Apple would like to add the changed design to the Pro models. That was the tenor of previous reports on the subject.

The notch has been part of the appearance of the iPhone since 2017 and initially caused a lot of uproar:

Apple's secret product list for 2022

But the iPhone 14 is not the only focus of the upcoming product launches; more innovations await us in 2022:

iPhone SE with 5G modem iPad Pro with support for wireless charging a robust version of the Apple Watch a redesigned MacBook Air, powered by the new Apple M2 Mac Pro in a smaller housing with Apple chip and up to 40 cores from a larger iMac new version of the Mac minis the ominous AR / VR headset from Apple, which will probably be shown in a preliminary version at the WWDC in the summer

This Apple forecast goes a little further, namely until 2042:

In short, pretty exciting 12 months that will keep us on our toes and with the last mentioned mixed reality headset also include a real revolution . After all, this device could completely replace the iPhone in a decade, as one or the other forecast already predicts.


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