iPhone 13 at a disadvantage: Apple kills a useful feature

iPhone 13 at a disadvantage: Apple kills a useful feature

Initially, the users were just confused, thinking it was a pure software bug in the iPhone 13. But now Apple has actually confirmed it – the previously very useful noise suppression when making calls has been removed without replacement. What now?

Deeply hidden within the settings of the iPhone you will find an important function. If you navigate to the accessibility features , then select "hearing" and then "audio/visual" you will discover the "noise cancellation" feature . If you activate the function, ambient noise will be suppressed from now on if you hold the iPhone to your ear in the classic way when making a call – cool thing.

iPhone 13: Apple kills "noise cancellation" on all models

Unfortunately, the function is no longer found on all models of the iPhone 13. Just a temporary bug within iOS 15? That's what 9to5Mac reader Steve thought when he contacted Apple Support with the problem. There they promised a solution to the problem for the future. Now the final answer came and it can only disappoint (source: 9to5Mac)

As a result, the absence of the feature is intentional on the part of Apple, not a bug, but pure wantonness . Specifically, the Apple employee expresses himself as follows:

"We have an update on this topic. Phone noise cancellation isn't available on iPhone 13 models, which is why you won't see this option in Settings."

A strong piece, because Apple simply deletes an important and useful function without replacing it. Above all curious: This is proven to only apply to the iPhone 13, but not to older Apple cell phones. They still support the noise suppression feature.

Telephone calls can also be used for practical jokes, better watch out here:

What can you do?

Accordingly, "joy" is spreading among buyers of the iPhone 13. There are already suspicions that Apple simply wants to boost sales of its own AirPods with this step. Of course, they are well suited for such a situation. But is there no other solution?

There are, but they have to be activated separately each time. If we are in a call or FaceTime conversation, we open the control center and tap on the "Microphone mode" button and then select "Voice isolation" in the drop-down menu. As a result, the background noise is then filtered. Not perfect, but at least a solution.


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