How to lock your stolen or lost Xiaomi in a matter of seconds

Xiaomi Cloud, the Xiaomi cloud, hides certain functionalities that you should definitely know about. Beyond being able to locate our smartphone or even put it to ring even if it is in silent mode , we can also block it if we have lost it or it has been stolen .

Thanks to the lost mode, we can block access to our Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO remotely and thus prevent anyone who finds it or has stolen it from having access to our photos, videos, social networks, etc.

When activating the lost mode, the device in question will be blocked, being necessary to start our Mi Account in this to unlock it. In addition, MIUI will regularly update the location, sending an SMS if necessary to establish a better location . Likewise, access to the different payment methods that we have established (My Pay, Google Pay ...) will also be blocked.

How to lock your Xiaomi if it has been stolen or you have lost it

If unfortunately your Xiaomi has been stolen or you have lost it, locking it remotely is very simple and fast . To do this, simply follow these steps:

How to lock your lost or stolen Xiaomi in seconds. Xiaomi  News

  1. Go to the official website of Xiaomi Cloud and log in:
  2. Once inside, all you have to do is go to the " Find device " section and choose the device in question.
  3. After that, we will only have to click on " Lost mode " and accept the conditions.

In this way we will be able to block our Xiaomi, Redmi or POCO lost or stolen , all in a matter of seconds.

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