How the next Xiaomi smartphone wants to set new standards

How the next Xiaomi smartphone wants to set new standards

Xiaomi recently introduced two new high-end smartphones, which will probably be launched in Europe in February. Now, with the Xiaomi Mix 5 Pro, another model is announced that will set new standards in terms of technical equipment.

Xiaomi Mix 5 Pro with 200 watt charging technology

Not long ago, Xiaomi reached a technical milestone with 120 watt charging technology. For a long time no other smartphone could keep up and charge the battery with so much power. However, the 120-watt charging technology is not enough for the Chinese company.

With the Xiaomi Mix 5 Pro, the 200-watt charging technology is to be introduced, which works with a cable and a special power supply. This allows you to charge the battery from completely empty to 100 percent in just 10 minutes . 50 percent would be there in 3 to 4 minutes. These are incredible values. It should then work wirelessly with 50 watts.

Otherwise, the Xiaomi Mix 5 Pro should technically be the spearhead. It was already speculated in advance that the Xiaomi 12 Ultra will appear as Mix 5 and Mix 5 Pro. A look at the configurations is correspondingly exciting. There is said to be a 6.73-inch display, which is equipped with a second-generation 48 MP under-display camera . Xiaomi has to deliver here, because the image quality of the Mi Mix 4 with the under-display camera was rather weak. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 should be used as the processor.

With the Mix 5 Pro, Xiaomi not only focuses on the charging technology, but also on the camera. Samsung's latest 50MP camera is said to be used here, supported by a 48MP ultra-wide angle camera. In addition, there is said to be a telephoto lens with an as yet unknown resolution that has a fivefold optical zoom. A cooperation with Leica would be conceivable.

Xiaomi presented the charging technology some time ago:

Xiaomi Mix 5 Pro only for China?

Xiaomi only introduced the Mi Mix 4 for China. Of course, there is a risk that the Mix 5 and Mix 5 Pro will only appear there. But if no Xiaomi 12 Ultra is introduced, one of the Mix 5 smartphones could also find its way to Europe. Then there would be a gap in the portfolio, without an absolute high-end model.


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