Google slap in the face: Three years of Android updates are enough

Google slap in the face: Three years of Android updates are enough

These words sound like mockery: Google has commented on the canceled software support for the Pixel 3 to the US media. That ends up in the technology graveyard after just three years. But Google doesn't see this as a problem - and surprises with a statement that leaves Android users speechless. A commentary by Kaan Gürayer.

It is well known that Android cannot keep up with the long software support of the iOS competition. For example, Apple still supplies the iPhone 6s from 2015 with the current iOS 15. Nevertheless, it is always surprising how nonchalantly manufacturers of Android devices ignore this deficiency. A particularly blatant example of this "I don't care" attitude can now be admired on Google.

Three years of updates is a "great experience" for Google

At the end of 2021, the US group phased out software support for the Pixel 3. After only three years, the Google phone no longer receives Android or security updates. This prompted Aaron Gordon from Vice, himself the owner of a slightly older Pixel 3, to ask Google for a statement on the current update policy (Source: Vice)

However, those who expected a grudging promise of improvements in the future will be disappointed: "We find that three years of security and operating system updates still offer users a great experience for their device," according to a Google spokesman.

In the eyes of Google, three years of updates are a "great experience." Just a reminder: Google introduced the Pixel 3 in October 2018 and launched it for 849 euros . So there can be no question of a cheap entry-level smartphone, where you turn a blind eye to the software support due to the price. And most recently, the Pixel 3a was also unplugged.

For the Pixel 3, the end of the road has been reached with Android 12:

Google mocks Android users

For all Android users, Google's words must sound like mockery. Because even after 3 years, the Pixel 3 should still be sufficient for everyday tasks. The fact that you now have to buy a new smartphone because not even security gaps are patched is a real absurdity - and shows impressively that even Google has not understood the value of long software support .


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