Google is redesigning the Play Store: offers and deals in the foreground

Google is redesigning the Play Store: offers and deals in the foreground

Google is adding special offers to the Play Store. These are prominently noticeable and are intended to draw attention to cheap apps, games and films. So far, the changes are only visible in the USA, but soon the new offers should also be available in this country.

Google Play Store with new offers

A new button has appeared in the bottom bar of the Google Play Store app, behind which you can find special offers and deals . Unlike the previous division, which is divided into apps, games, films & series and books, the new "Offers" tab bundles all current discounts from the Play Store in one place.

In the US, Google has already expanded the Play Store and updated the app (source: 9to5Google). But it shouldn't be long before the new offers appear in the German Play Store . In the US version, the launch offers include "Watch HBO Max and save", "Apps you might like", "Games you might like", "Movies to buy offers" among others. , "Movie Rental Deals," and "E-Book Deals Under $5."

For the content and appearance of the new offers, Google was inspired by the Games tab , where you can already find time-limited deals.

Whether Android or iOS - in the video you can see which apps belong on every smartphone:

Google Play Store: Are apps and games becoming cheaper now?

While it may seem like a minor change, the new Deals tab could have a big impact . Since it was placed very prominently, it is sure to attract a lot of attention from Android users. In the best case, some manufacturers of apps, games, films and e-books are now reducing their prices in order to be included in the new offers by Google.


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