Google is looking for experts for the Tensor SoC camera system

Google Pixel 6 tensor

Google is currently seeking experts on the camera-related parts of the Tensor SoC. Specialists are currently being sought for San Diego in California to advance the development of the camera for the upcoming pixel smartphones with the Tenor SoC.

After years, Google has used new sensors for the new Pixel 6 models so that it can finally be at the forefront of smartphone cameras again. And it was worth it. It wasn't quite enough for the top, but both pixels offer the best camera performance of all smartphones.

But there is also a new sensor, the tensor. However, this also has a new image signal processor (ISP), which is to be further improved. Google is now trying to build a larger team for this.

They are currently looking for employees in the "Camera ISP" area in San Diego, and the team there is set to grow further. There will probably be improvements in this area in the next pixel.


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