Google fuels hope: legendary pixel tablet before return?

Google fuels hope: legendary pixel tablet before return?

With the Pixel 6 smartphone, Google has launched exciting new devices. But it doesn't stop there, because Google suddenly believes in Android tablets again. Many manufacturers are currently jumping on the bandwagon and now Google could follow suit with a new Pixel tablet - this time with the Android operating system.

Google believes in Android tablets again

For years, Google has ignored Android tablets. With Android, the company offers an operating system for it, but has not integrated anything for tablets into it. Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi and Co. had to build their own interfaces so that the Android tablets offer real added value. But after years of silence, something is happening. With Android 12L, Google surprisingly recently released a special operating system for devices with large screens, which is also intended for folding devices. Now they're looking for staff because " We believe the future of computing is shifting towards more powerful and capable tablets, " Google said in the job description (source: Google).

So if Google sees Android tablets as the future of computing, then chances are that Google will build its own Android tablet as a reference . The dream of a pixel tablet has been buzzing through many heads for a long time. Now it could actually become a reality. The timing would be perfect because all the major manufacturers are entering the market. Even Xiaomi is building Android tablets again. Android 12L could be used instead of Chrome OS.

What makes the new Google phones so special:

Google invests more in hardware

With the new Pixel 6 smartphones, Google has already shown what the company can do. They even developed their own tensor processor. It would be a real waste if you didn't also install it in an Android tablet. In addition, Google is finally planning a pixel smartwatch. So something is happening. In any case, we are curious to see what else Google wants to offer us. There is still a lot of room for a good manufacturer, especially in the area of ​​tablets and smartwatches .


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