First non-Huawei smartphone with HarmonyOS presented

Gionee G13 Pro

Due to ongoing US sanctions against Huawei, US-based companies or foreign companies that rely on US technology to manufacture their products or services are not allowed to work with Huawei.

This has severely impacted Huawei's operations, especially in smartphones, where Huawei has had to develop an alternative to Android with HarmonyOS.

Until now, HarmonyOS has only been found on Huawei's smartphones, but it looks like it's starting to make its way to other smartphone brands, such as Gionee Mobile, the first smartphone maker alongside Huawei to introduce HarmonyOS in its uses smartphones. The first model with it is called Gionee G13 Pro.

The phone is an entry-level device with a price of 529 yuan, which corresponds to around EUR 75.00. So it's not like another company is risking a flagship device running HarmonyOS.

The phone's specs don't seem particularly exciting as it comes with a 6.26″ display and is powered by a UNISOC Tiger T310 chipset. It will come with a 13MP + 5MP camera setup and a 3,500mAh battery.


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