Federal Criminal Police Office uses Telegram task force

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Now the heavy artillery is being brought up against Telegram in Germany. The Federal Criminal Police Office is now using a Telegram task force to get the messenger service under control. Since Telegram itself does not respond to government inquiries from Germany, they now want to try to get the problem under control.

The Federal Criminal Police Office has set up a new task force so that the messenger service Telegram can be better monitored. According to the assessment of the German security authorities, Telegram increasingly developed into a medium for radicals and criminals in the last few months of the pandemic.

The task force wants to investigate crimes committed via Telegram, i.e. defamation, threats, incitement to murder and other serious crimes. Telegram is not exactly cooperative here.

The corona pandemic in particular has contributed to people radicalizing themselves on Telegram, threatening others or even publishing calls for murder ... The rule of law must resolutely counter this worrying development. We aim to work with Telegram, but we will take action if Telegram does not cooperate.

Holger Münch, BKA President


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