{Disarmed} The Xiaomi Mix 5 camera will be impressive, according to a leak

The Xiaomi Mix 5 camera will be impressive, according to a leak

The Xiaomi Mix 5 begins to sound even though the Xiaomi Mix 4 has not even left China . Rumors suggest that Xiaomi will continue to mount cameras under the screen, however, these promise to improve a lot in this new generation, but not only in terms of the front camera, but also in terms of the rear camera.

Rear camera improvements

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As shown in a leaked source code, the Xiaomi Mix 5 will have great news in the photographic section with an optimization carried out by Leica , since, as with the Xiaomi 12 , this new generation of devices will also mount said lenses .

Mix Code 5

It should be noted that the Xiaomi Mix 5 and the Vivo Nex, one of the company's flagships, will share the same screen since both models will have cameras under the screen.

Xiaomi will close one of its largest online stores
In xiaomist
Xiaomi will close one of its largest online stores

Vivo mounts ZEISS lenses , so there will be differences between both photographic sections. We know little more about it, although the Xiaomi Mix 5 promises to be a rival to beat in the premium high-end.

More information | Gizmochina

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The news The camera of the Xiaomi Mix 5 will be of impression, according to a leak was originally published in xiaomist by Alejandro Fernández .


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