{Disarmed} What do we ask the Three Wise Men from xiaomist?

What do we ask the Three Wise Men from xiaomist?

After Christmas Eve, and the arrival of Santa Claus, comes the second part of the Christmas gifts, Twelfth Night. This is celebrated, mainly in Spain, from January 5 to 6. Today part of the xiaomist team and other media in the house we have decided to write the letter to the Kings.

The letter from Isra Fernández, Editor at xiaomist

Xiaomi 12 Pro

I have it quite clear. After witnessing the mega-event of the past 28, two immediate needs have been created: a Xiaomi 12 Pro and a Xiaomi Watch S1 . The first seems to finally understand that fast charging should not go hand in hand with a 60º finish ... and I'm looking forward to putting that Night Owl 2.0 algorithm to the test.

The second is simply the smartwatch that Xiaomi should always have made, a premium model that, at least in the finishes, already exudes an obvious superiority over the current Watch. But as the lords of the East do not always pay much attention to me, I would like to have at home, finally, the My Smart Air Fryer 3.5L that seems to be giving so many joys and that would give me a cable in my always short time to cook.

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Guide to choosing your Xiaomi projector: all models, prices and technologies available

Nor would I disgust the Mi Smart Projector 2 Pro, although my second challenge would be to find where to install it to get the most out of it. Anyway, there is no shortage of products in front of such an extensive fleet.

The letter from Laura Sacristán, Editor in Engadget Android and Mobile

Smart purifier

This year, to the Three Wise Men, I have asked a couple of things from Xiaomi . First of all, the dashboard mount for the Mi 20W Wireless Car Charger because I have to renew the one I used until now and this Xiaomi model seems to me to be one of the most complete on the market.

It has several fastening options, wireless charging, an adapter for the car cigarette lighter with two ports ... The second product that I want them to bring me is the Xiaomi Mi Smart Antibacterial Air Humidifier because the one I have at home no longer works correctly . Also, I am attracted to this proposal because its UV light , in theory, kills bacteria in the water.

The letter from Ivan Linares, Editor in Engadget Android and Mobile


My letter to the Kings of Xiaomi would begin by asking the brand to launch fewer mobiles in order to differentiate devices and ranges from each other much better. Apart from this wish, which will surely not be fulfilled, I would love to be able to buy the robot dog in Europe, for example.

Despite the price, theCyberDog attracts my attention powerfully. And it terrifies me, in equal measure. Xiaomi would ask for a version of MIUI for 2022 something closer to Android 12 and its design. Material You and Theming, it seems fundamental to me. Also lighter in the layer and a greater number of own applications with the option to be uninstalled from the phone.

{"videoId":"x83aru3","autoplay":true,"title":"XIAOMI CYBERDOG: TODO sobre el PERRO ROBOT de Xiaomi"}

To top it all off, I hope Xiaomi takes the risk of internationalizing its folding phones in order to make Samsung more competitive. With a good price I am sure that flexible screens will be a great hook for this 2022 that we already have.

The letter from Alex Fernández, Editor at xiaomist

Bedside lamp

I ask Xiaomi to simplify its portfolio , currently, due to the offers, we find different devices at the same price, leading the user to confusion and in the vast majority of cases with very few differences between them.

Beyond this, I hope Xiaomi continues to bet on devices for the home, they are complete, useful and inexpensive. On this occasion, I ask the Three Wise Men of the East for the Xiaomi Bedside lamp 2, the renewed version of the bedside lamp for the RGB bedside table.

On the other hand, after the excesses of Christmas, I also believe that the air fryer is going to come in handy, especially to continue enjoying the flavor of food , but with much less fat. Trying new recipes also attracts my attention.

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The news What we ask the Three Wise Men from xiaomist was originally published in xiaomist by Alejandro Fernández .


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