{Disarmed} So you can review and pay the DGT fines from your Xiaomi mobile

So you can review and pay the DGT fines from your Xiaomi mobile

If you are in doubt as to whether you have been caught on a radar speeding over the posted speed limit or believe you have been caught doing some other offence, you will most likely receive a fine.

Although they continue to arrive by post, they often appear earlier in the DGT application. Today we show you how you can know if you have a fine and, if so, how to pay it.

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How to know if I have a fine from the DGT

The first thing you should keep in mind is that these are traffic fines from the DGT, not from town halls or other institutions that also have the possibility of imposing sanctions. Now that we have this clear we must follow the following steps.

  • Open the app " MiDGT ".
  • Identify us, either through Cl@ve Pin, permanent password or by entering your data.
  • Next, we click on the upper left, above the three bars.
  • We choose the " My Fines " section.
  • Next, those that you have pending will appear and in the upper right part a section where you can consult those that are paid.
  • You must be clear that once paid, you can check the place where they gave you the fine and the reason for the infraction.

In the event that you have a fine pending payment, all the information will appear, including the period in which you can save 50% of the fine for prompt payment. Payment can be made from the same application by credit card in a completely secure way and without having to leave home.

So you can use Android Auto in the car without it being compatible
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So you can use Android Auto in the car without it being compatible

From the DGT application you can not only check the fines, but also the points you have on your license and even request reports on a specific vehicle, very useful if you want to buy or sell it.

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