{Disarmed} So you can have Wordle on your Xiaomi, completely free

So you can have Wordle on your Xiaomi, completely free

Wordle is one of the most viral games of the moment. It is a game that is renewed every day and whose objective is for you to guess the hidden word based on trial and error . Today we will show you how you can use it on your Xiaomi mobile.

The game is very simple, you just have to enter words that contain six words and then press enter. The game will detect the letters that the words contain and will give us clues based on their order.

Remember that you can only play once a day, something that will not change as its creator has pointed out . It also does not contain advertisements, nor does it collect any type of data from users.

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How to have Wordle on your Xiaomi mobile

At the moment, Wordle does not have an official app , although some developers have already started publishing very similar versions of the game. In this case, to play the official version you must follow the following steps:

  • Open your browser.
  • Search for " Wordle ".
  • Once in Wordle, you must select in the upper right part, right on the icon with the three dots .
  • Now you must choose " Add to home screen ".
  • Afterwards, the icon will appear where you can change the name of the shortcut. Finally, you just have to click on " Add ".
Why 'Wordle', the word guessing game that has got hooked on the internet, is so addictive
In Engadget
Why 'Wordle', the word guessing game that has got hooked on the internet, is so addictive

As you can see, the steps to follow are really simple, and in this way you can save time, but also be safe from possible copies .

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