{Disarmed} Samsung Galaxy S22 series: Roland Quandt names euro prices

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra press photo

The announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series is just a stone's throw away. As is so often the case, a lot is already known about the new products and it only remains to wait for the press event to have all the leaks officially confirmed by Samsung. Now the euro prices have appeared again, this time by Roland Quandt.

So it remains to be seen how accurate Roland Quandt is with his forecasts, which named the price list for the Galaxy S22 series in Europe. As a rule, this informant is always right with his predictions.

According to him, all three new devices in the series will come to the European market: Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 + and Galaxy S22 Ultra. The first two models will be presented in two variants, the last one will get three versions.

Samsung Galaxy S22 series: these are the euro prices

  • Samsung Galaxy S22 with 8/128 GB = EUR 849.00
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 with 8/256 GB = EUR 899.00
  • Samsung Galaxy S22+ with 8/128 GB = EUR 1,049.00
  • Samsung Galaxy S22+ with 8/256 GB = EUR 1,099.00
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with 8/128 GB = EUR 1,249.00
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with 12/256 GB = EUR 1,349.00
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with 12/512 GB = EUR 1,449.00

Whoever said the Samsung Galaxy S22 series will be cheaper didn't think about Covid, parts shortages and inflation.

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