{Disarmed} How to carry the youth card on your mobile

How to carry the youth card on your mobile

The youth card is a tremendously useful element to save money , and even enter for free, certain entertainment venues such as museums, theaters or cinemas, among many other places. Each autonomous community issues its own youth card, although its validity extends throughout Europe.

Most communities, either when you do it for the first time or renew it, usually send an email in which the youth card is attached in PDF format and in .PKPASS.

Google Pay does not support the .PKPASS format, nor does it support PDF files, so we have two options. Adapt the PDF format to be compatible with Google Pay or use a third-party application that is compatible with this format .

This time we have chosen to adapt the PDF file to Google Pay , so that we can enjoy the youth card on different devices, including smartwatches that integrate Wear OS as an operating system.

How to transfer the youth card to Google Pay

Steps to secure youth card

Once we have the youth card downloaded in PDF, we must follow the following steps:

  • We download the " Pass2pay " app.
  • Next we select " Open file ".
  • We choose the file in question.
  • Then, click on the " Use data " button.
  • Finally, we fill in the fields and select " Add to Google Pay ".
How to pay with your Xiaomi mobile
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How to pay with your Xiaomi mobile

As you can see, having the youth card on your mobile is very simple, you can always carry both files in case they do not scan it somewhere and only require you to show it, although it is not the usual thing.



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