{Disarmed} How to activate and deactivate TalkBack on your Xiaomi TV

How to activate and deactivate TalkBack on your Xiaomi TV

Do you need to use TalkBack on your Xiaomi TV? If you have activated or deactivated the TalkBack function by mistake, we will tell you how to solve it.

If you want to use this function on any Xiaomi device, whether you are using a Xiaomi smartTV or using the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick , don't worry, we will tell you everything.

Activate and deactivate TalkBack on your Xiaomi TV


We have already told you how to activate or deactivate Talkback on your Xiaomi mobile . In this case, its use and application is very similar. The TalkBack function is a tool aimed at all types of users with TalkBack visual difficulties, since it converts all text into voice messages , reading what is displayed on the screen at all times.

How to disable TalkBack on your Xiaomi mobile
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How to disable TalkBack on your Xiaomi mobile

This is a significant handicap since it can read all kinds of personal or banking data . However, it is a very useful function for those who cannot visually interact with the functions displayed on the screen.

With that said, here we go. This is how you can activate or deactivate TakBack on your Xiaomi smart TV:

Image 20211226 142902

Inside the main panel of the TV follow these steps:

  • Go to the system ' Settings ' cogwheel and press ok on it.
  • Now go into the ' Device Preferences ' option.
  • Once inside, scroll down to the ' Accessibility ' option. You will see that it is the penultimate option on the menu.
  • Once inside this window you will find different menus: subtitles, high contrast text, etc. The available options depend on whether or not you have Developer Options enabled. In the bottom section you will see the ' TalkBack ' option, disabled by default.
Image 20211226 142917

Here you will only have to choose whether or not you want to enable the TalkBack function. It will ask you to confirm the choice and that's it.

In addition, within the ' Configuration ' section you can modify some specific parameters.

Image 20211226 142921

These parameters are, on the one hand, the " language, voice, speed and tone you want for the text-to-speech function ". In other words, in addition to reading speed, you can request that the text be read in a male or female voice and choose different tone modulations —more serious or more acute—. Alternatively, you can choose to have the TalkBack feature read passwords aloud or omit this information.

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