{Disarmed} Google Photos is updated so you can put limits on mobile data

Google Photos is updated so you can put limits on mobile data

Google Photos no longer allows us to store all the photos and videos we want for free for a long time . Even so, many users still prefer to use the storage of their Google account to store the backup of their files.

Google Photos undergoes new changes

Use of Google Photos data

Until now, users could choose when their photos were backed up, if when they were connected via WiFi or, conversely, when you were connected to the internet through mobile data.

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In addition to these options, the service offered the user the possibility to decide or not to include the videos in said backup copies, since they are the largest files in the gallery.

However, the company has redesigned the service settings to make the user choose the amount of data they want to allocate for backup.

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In order to establish a limit, it is necessary to know the amount of mobile data that you have contracted with your rate, since now that there are unlimited rates there are many users who do not need to establish the limit, although this new limit is more uncomfortable.

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