{Disarmed} The CyberDog already has it all: now it is able to detect odors

The CyberDog already has it all: now it is able to detect odors

The CyberDog was for many one of Xiaomi's most curious products during 2021 . This was official, by surprise, during the presentation of the Xiaomi Mix 4 . Now, in addition to cartwheeling, walking and learning commands, he is also able to smell.

The CyberDog develops smell

Xiaomi engineers have explained that this capacity is possible thanks to an air pump in the nose , located on the front and that it is barely visible, since a multitude of sensors are housed in the head of this. This is responsible for collecting air and sending it up to two sensors that are responsible for knowing the smell.

Odor sensors

Once it recognizes the smell, it is able to say it out loud . Xiaomi has published a video in which it is observed how the robot is capable of detecting the different smells, both of cold drinks and hot food, and even plants.

{"videoId":"x870l0n","autoplay":true,"title":"Xiaomi CyberDog olor"}

It should be noted that this is not a new version of CyberDog , but it was a functionality that until now was disabled and that the company has activated through a software update .

This is the Xiaomi Cube, the new headquarters of the company
In xiaomist
This is the Xiaomi Cube, the new headquarters of the company

Xiaomi's engineers have said that the CyberDog will not only be able to detect the smell, but will be able to tell us where it came from . Until now, many air purifiers were capable of detecting the amount of particles in the environment, but this is the first time that a device such as a robotic dog is capable of detecting odors.

More information | Xiaomi Today

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