{Disarmed} Cyber ​​Focus: this is the new technology implemented in the Xiaomi 12 to get perfect photographs

Cyber ​​Focus: this is the new technology implemented in the Xiaomi 12 to get perfect photographs

On December 28, Xiaomi presented its newXiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 12 Pro in China, two devices that are equipped with the latest technologies available on the market, such as its Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor , high-power fast charges and of course a camera setup of the highest level.

In this presentation, the Asian firm showed us in detail its new technology called Cyber ​​Focus , a tool aimed at achieving better photographic results with moving subjects and that has now explained its operation in great detail.

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Direct from the CyberDog to our mobile phone

In this case, it has been Zeng Xuezhong , senior vice president of Xiaomi, in charge of exposing through his official Weibo account the new technologies incorporated with Cyber ​​Focus in the new Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 12 Pro , which is inherited directly from his previous implementation in the spectacular Xiaomi CyberDog .


Apparently, as Zeng himself tells us, "Xiaomi surveyed its user base, and the most common complaint of the camera is that its cameras could not focus correctly on the subject despite trying to focus many times ", so the Asian firm has taken action on the matter to try to solve this problem with the tools that they already had developed.

By implementing this advanced next-generation autofocus technology, autofocus algorithms can now more accurately scan and recognize the contours of the subject for much faster and more accurate focus.

Xiaomi 12 Autofocus
Xiaomi 12 autofocus

The main difference between this technology and a conventional autofocus system is that the technology we know so far is capable of recognizing specific points on a subject while, thanks to the Cyber ​​Focus artificial intelligence system, the sensor is capable of capturing the entire subject even if it leaves our frame , since the system recognizes that silhouette captured previously to achieve a much faster focus.

In fact, as Zeng Xuezhong himself explains, Xiaomi's mobile photography engineers did several tests in very difficult conditions to polish the mechanism, such as capturing a person shaking the head quickly or tracking the focus of the camera. rope of a jump rope when a person was doing sports with it.

Xiaomi 12 Camera
Cyber ​​Focus in action on a Xiaomi 12

One of the last tests they carried out was with two friendly dogs at Xiaomi's own headquarters, obtaining clear and sharp photographs and, above all, with a practically perfect approach to both animals.

Night Owl 2.0: the great secret of the Xiaomi 12 Pro to obtain spectacular night photographs
In xiaomist
Night Owl 2.0: the great secret of the Xiaomi 12 Pro to obtain spectacular night photographs

Therefore, it is quite curious how the Asian firm has managed to implement a technology that they had already worked on in other products of the own brand on their smartphones, and this shows very well what the Xiaomi CyberDog is about, a device that, beyond offering some curious features for users, is capable of providing very curious information and experience in order to solve possible future problems with other devices.

More information | Zeng Xuezhong

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