{Disarmed} All Xiaomi projectors [Short and normal throw]

In this compilation, we are going to leave you the best and latest projectors launched by Xiaomi or its sub-brands such as Wanbo or Mijia.

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Xiaomi Laser Cinema 2 4K

Wanbo T6 Max smart projector

Without a doubt, one of the most interesting surprises on YouPin today is this smart projector from the Chinese brand Wanbo , a brand that, for years, has been characterized by its excellent value for money.

Its name is Wanbo T6 Max , being an intelligent project to which, we can say, it lacks nothing.

xiaomi wanbo t6 max proiettore smart

Wanbo T6 Max, what are its features and functions?

In terms of design and style, this smart projector features a lightweight and compact structure , which allows us to transport it easily.

As for its resolution, it is Full HD (1080p) , as well as a brightness of 550 ANSI lumens, with 4-point keystone correction and automatic focus. In addition, it is equipped with Android 9 in its software.

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The technical specifications are as follows: an Amlogic T972 chipset with 16 GB of storage memory and 2 GB of RAM. The support, meanwhile, is 4K and HDR 10 +.

On the subject of audio, we find two stereo speakers of 5W each . And on the back it has a mini-jack, which works perfectly with both headphones and external speakers.

What is its availability and price? Wanbo T6 Max

The new Wanbo T6 Max smart projector can be obtained, for the moment, both at Xiaomi YouPin, and at Banggood (with shipments from Europe). As for the price, it is at € 239 using the discount coupon: BGZWBT66

See Wanbo T6 Max projector at Banggood

Xiaomi Laser Cinema 2 4K the first with Dolby Vision

Among so many products, Xiaomi also stands out for its smart projectors; and an example of this is the new Xiaomi Laser Cinema 2 4K, which, for the first time, has compatibility with Dolby Vision .

Xiaomi Laser Cinema 2 4K

Xiaomi Laser Cinema 2 4K design and features

This new smart projector can be considered as short-range , giving us an image of up to 100 "at a distance of just 20 cm . Thanks to its characteristics, we can fully enjoy our multimedia content. Its maximum resolution is 4k, with a brightness of 2,400 ANSI lumens , a contrast of 3,000 and a 15W dual speaker system.

And not only this, but it also features a 64-bit MediaTek processor up to 1.9 Ghz , a proprietary Miui interface, and support for the Dolby Atmos system.

Xiaomi Laser Cinema 2 4K

As already mentioned, this new Xiaomi laser projector is considered the first in the world to be equipped with support for Dolby Visio n technology . This gives us a sharp image, rich in colors, with a high level of detail and a balanced contrast.

Finally, we must mention that it has a remote control, USB 2.0 and HDMI 2.0 inputs , as well as a SPDIF and a LAN input; as well as full compatibility with the XiaoAI system.

Xiaomi Laser Cinema 2 4K

Xiaomi Laser Cinema 2 4K Short Throw Projector What is its price and availability?

The new Xiaomi Laser Cinema 2 4K smart projector has been presented in China, with a price of 12,999 yuan, which at the exchange rate would be around € 1,755.
Certainly a high price for a projector with premium features, suitable for few users . At the moment, it is not known if it will reach the global market or if we can buy it from Aliexpress as it already happens with other of its projectors .

Xiaomi Laser Cinema 2 4K

Wanbo T2 Max the compact projector from Xiaomi

On other occasions we have seen the Wanbo brand, especially with the latest launch of the Wanbo X1 projector . On this occasion, he comes to introduce us to a compact mini projector called Wanbo T2 Max, which is on sale.

discount code Wanbo T2 Max mini projector

All about Xiaomi's Wanbo T2 Max mini projector

  • Regarding the design of the Wanbo T2 Max projector, it is characterized by its small size of 110X140X150mm , with a weight of just 900 grams to be transported.
  • Made of ABS plastic, it has an LED lamp with a maximum brightness of 200 Lumen , it offers us Full HD quality (1920 x 1080 pixels), and they promise us a useful life of 20,000 hours (the equivalent of having it on every day 24 hours , for more than 2 years).
  • The Wanbo T2 Max compact projector is capable of offering a screen from 40 inches (at a distance of 1.5 meters), up to 120 ″ (at a distance of 3 meters).
discount code Wanbo T2 Max mini projector

Inside it has 2 speakers of 3W each, and has 1 USB port and 1 HDMI , as well as an input for sound. To connect with our phone, we can send the data by bluetooth 4.0 and by Wifi and we can use applications such as Netflix, Amazon, YouTube among others.

Price and where to buy the Wanbo T2 Max projector

As anticipated, this T2 Max mini projector is available in a Global version, although BEWARE , there are other very similar models although with more limited specifications and you could get confused.

wanbo t2 max projector
  • Then I leave you the purchase link, of the T2 Max model together with the lower model, so you can choose according to your needs .
Buy Wanbo T2 Max Global projector
Cheapest Wanbo T2 projector

Wanbo T2 Max video review

Wanbo X1, Xiaomi's new projector for less than € 85

If you are interested in a projector that does not cost too much, but with proven quality, the new Wanbo X1 may be the solution. And it is that the Lei Jun company has recently launched a new projector for less than 85 euros , with the same quality and technology that has characterized it for years.

wanbo x1 projector

As for the new Xiaomi Wanbo X1 , it is a medium-sized projector; that is, it measures 22 x 18.5 x 8 cm, with a total weight of 1.2 kg . This makes it an easy projector to transport, very practical, without losing quality in its design; since it has the capacity to throw images in high definition (HD, 1280 x 720 pixels) and ideal lighting, up to 300 lumens .

Regarding its design, the device is almost entirely white, except for the area around the lens, where a metallic color stands out and some black lines in the area of ​​the connections. From the visual aspect, we can say that, clearly, it is a Xiaomi product: simple but elegant , with minimalist touches.

wanbo xiaomi projector

On the other hand, its interface is very simple; And sure, when using for the first time, we will not even have to read the instruction book (although, of course, it is always recommended ).

And if you were wondering if with this projector you could project videos or images from your smartphone (iOS or Android), the answer is yes. This is very easy to do, we simply have to link our mobile device through Wi-Fi (specifically for Android) and through a cable for iOS devices.

Wanbo X1 What is the price and availability of the new Xiaomi projector?

Xiaomi's new projector, the Wanbo X1 , in addition to being on the Chinese brand's crowdfunding platform, YouPin, can also be found on Banggood, making its worldwide debut in the Chinese store and, counting, with the moment, with an introductory offer.

The device will be on sale, for a limited time, at only € 83 . Although, we must bear in mind that this is only a promotional price, so that in some time it will cease to be valid and will rise.

Buy cheap Xiaomi projector

Xiaomi launches the new Xiaomi Mijia Projector 2 Pro projector

Last June, our favorite brand wowed us with the Mijia Projector 1S 4K ; a laser projector capable of emitting a UHD image, without problems. Now, about to turn a month from that launch, Xiaomi surprises us with ... the Xiaomi Mijia Projector 2 Pro .

Xiaomi Mijia Projector 2 Pro

This is nothing more than the successor to the previous Mijia Projector . So it is not only capable of emitting an image at 200 inches ; but it also comes with over 1000 ANSI lumens! Surprising, no? Stay to see its features and launch price.

Features and specifications of the new Xiaomi Mijia Projector 2 Pro, supports 4K videos

This model incorporates the 100% Rec. 709 system , in order to offer you an exact and clear range of colors at all times. And, if we add its compatibility with HDR10 + , we can say that the projected images will be 100% sharp and balanced!

And that's not all! Thanks to a 4-channel LED light, this new Xiaomi projector can emanate up to 1300 ANSI lumens . So it will deliver excellent quality, even if the projection room is dimly lit.

The best of the device? It has the ability to transmit a screen of about 200 inches maximum . Although for higher quality, the manufacturer recommends that only 60 to 120 inches be emitted . It also lists the recommended inches, based on distance:

  • At a distance of 2 meters. An 80 "screen is recommended
  • From 2.5 to 3 meters. Screen from 100 to 120 "maximum
Xiaomi Mijia Projector 2 Pro

This Xiaomi 2 Pro projector has 2 focus modes: TOF Non-Sensing Focus and Camera Focus. But, you will never worry about focus , since the Smart Focus system; It will always take care of focusing, should it move.

  • Audio is left to dual 1.5-inch 10W Hi-Fi speakers . Which provide a high quality sound.
  • All of the above is powered by the Amlogic T972 processor ; 63% more powerful than its predecessor, consuming 55% less. Also 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage. With them, it is capable of playing 4K and 8K videos without complications , even if it is a Xiaomi 1080p projector .
  • Finally, this projector works with the company's own PatchWall-based Android TV. By this, it can sync with XiaoAI assistant. And if that weren't enough, it is compatible with Airplay .
Xiaomi Mijia Projector 2 Pro

Price of Xiaomi's new Mijia projector 2 Pro

In China you can buy the Mijia Projector 2 Pro at 4599 yuan , which would be about 571 euros in exchange. Of course, it will be launched on July 29, although ... it can be reserved for 100 yuan "about 12 euros" in China.

  • Update: Now available in its Global version for purchase.
See Global version projector

Fengmi 4K Laser Pro projector with 2400 lumens

Xiaomi launched the Fengmi 4K Laser Projector last year in China and the product was well received, previously Xiaomi also has the Xiaomi Mi Laser Projector Ultra , which you can buy from Amazon currently.

Fengmi 4K Laser Projector Pro

And now Xiaomi has presented the Fengmi 4K Laser Projector Pro , an improved version in several important aspects in image quality.

Fengmi Laser TV 4K Cinema Pro

Lumens and inch improvements

  • The difference between this model and its predecessor is that the brightness of the Fengmi Laser TV 4K Cinema Pro has been increased from 1700 ANSI lumens to 2400 ANSI lumens . Additionally, the projectable size has been increased from 100 inches to 150 inches .
  • The Fengmi 4K Laser Projector Pro offers support for 4K resolution , which is four times the resolution of a 1080p screen and which for such a large screen is highly recommended.

Processor and performance improvements

The Pro version is powered by a high-performance Amlogic T972 chip with a maximum clock frequency of 1.9GHz. The chipset is said to have a 63% performance improvement with a 55% reduction in power consumption compared to the Amlogic T962 chipset used in the previous generation.

The chipset is also the first to support 8K video decoding .

Fengmi 4K Pro laser projector

Additionally, the 4K laser projector includes 3GB of LPDDR4 memory which should ensure smooth execution of tasks by the projector.

Rear Projector Connections

  • It has three HDMI 2.0 interfaces that can be implemented to connect hard disk players, U disks, game consoles, computers, etc.
  • Two USB ports, network connection, and electrical and audio connection.

The Fengmi Laser TV 4K Cinema Pro uses a short throw focus lens design, as these projectors are called, as you need to put them almost to the wall for it to project the screen.

It has an ultra-short throw with a large depth of field of 0.23: 1 that can be placed in a TV cabinet to project a large screen of 80-150 inches . It uses ALPD 3.0 laser fluorescent display technology with a red light ratio of up to 16-18%. The life of the light source is more than 25,000 hours , and it can watch more than 10,000 movies.

Projector operating system

In terms of content, Fengmi Laser TV 4K Cinema Pro no longer uses the Miui TV system, but its own FengOS system, which supports custom home page, full-screen content preview, and smart speech recognition.

Price and where to buy the Xiaomi Fengmi 4K projector

The new product is currently on sale on Xiaomi Youpin for 12,799 yuan (around € 1900 to change), what we still do not know is if Xiaomi will launch this 4K Pro projector to the European market.

The models that are currently available in our country are the following two:

Xiaomi X-SJL4014GL Mi Smart Compact Projector
Xiaomi X-SJL4014GL Mi Smart Compact Projector
  • Android TV 9.0 system.
  • 1080p Full HD
  • Screen Size up to 120 "
  • 2 built-in speakers.
Xiaomi Mi Laser, Projector 150 ', Bluetooth 4.2, Android, White
Xiaomi Mi Laser, Projector 150 ", Bluetooth 4.2, Android, White
  • Large 150-inch projection area
  • 5000 lumens brightness, comparable to theatrical standards
  • TL DLP digital light processing technology
  • All-new high-power cooling system for longer service life
  • With remote control

Xiaomi Home Projector Lite | Xiaomi's cheap projector

Xiaomi has released its most powerful projector for some time, with 4k resolution and short-throw laser projection and a power of 5000 lumens, all this on a 150-inch screen! All this has made it great, but ... the price was quite expensive for a Xiaomi .

  • This has been solved with its new Led projector in its Lite version with Full Hd and HDR support.

Xiaomi's cheap projector

projector xiaomi home lite

  • The Xiaomi Home Projector Lite has come on sale in China and this is nothing more than a modification of some of the premium features that its previous projector had.
  • The new Xiaomi lite projector is capable of taking a screen that ranges from 40 to 200 inches !! With a Full HD resolution
  • It will have a Dolby Atmos and Dts sound effect along with some Usb ports, Hdmi Connection and auxiliary port for external speakers.

All this managed with Xiaomi's own operating system such as its MIUI TV

Features of the Xiaomi Home Projector Lite

  • 500 Lumens
  • 1080P Full HD Resolution
  • Screen sizes from 40 to 200 inches
  • HDR support
  • Voice control
  • Hdmi, Usb and AUX ports
  • Integrated dolby Atmos and Dts loudspeaker
  • 30,000 hours of Led life
  • Weight of 1.3 Kg

Image gallery of Xiaomi Home Projector Lite

Where to buy the Xiaomi home lite projector

At the moment it is too early to find Spanish sellers that sell this new xiaomi projector, but surely very soon and if you can get it for a good price.

  • Update November 2019: They begin to be seen in Chinese import stores for a not bad price.

See the best price on Aliexpress


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