Crazy Samsung campaign: Secure a new smartwatch at a ridiculous price – only today

Crazy Samsung campaign: Secure a new smartwatch at a ridiculous price – only today

Samsung has launched a curious campaign where the Galaxy Watch 4 (Classic) is available at a discount of over 80 euros. The smartwatch is "smartly exchanged" for any conventional watch. Manufacturer, model and age are not relevant. A Withings scale is included for free.

Update from 01/27/22: If you are interested in the special deal, you shouldn't wait much longer. The exchange campaign for the Galaxy Watch 4 with Withings scale expires on January 28, 2022 . It is unclear whether the trade-in bonus can still be dusted off at all. The Samsung smartwatch can still be pre-ordered, but is currently not in stock.

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Samsung: Exchange old watch for Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung has come up with a campaign where interested parties can get a cheap Galaxy Watch 4 or the classic version of the smartwatch. A discount of 80 euros will be given if the code "WATCH80" is entered when purchasing from Samsung's online store and any old watch is sent to Samsung.

In the conditions of participation, Samsung points out that both conventional watches and smartwatches are accepted . Which manufacturer the watch was produced by, which model it is or how old the watch is is irrelevant to Samsung. The only important thing is that the watch or smartwatch works. Participants can even remove the battery from analogue clocks beforehand.

In addition to the discount of 80 euros, customers also receive the Withings Body+ scales with WLAN included in the package free of charge. Otherwise, the scales cost around 70 euros. It offers, among other things, an ECG and blood pressure measurement and can determine the blood oxygen. If you don't want to trade in a watch, you can get the scales together with a smartwatch.

In the video: This is what we think of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 available from 159.90 euros

The Galaxy Watch 4 (40 mm) is already available for EUR 159.90 via the exchange campaign. The larger version of the smartwatch costs 209.90 euros with a discount. The Classic version can also be purchased as part of the campaign, which runs until January 28, 2022. The prices for the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic are between 259 and 339 euros. Shipping costs do not apply (source: Samsung).


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