Comparison of audio book apps: Spotify, Apple Music, Audible, Bookbeat & Co.

Comparison of audio book apps: Spotify, Apple Music, Audible, Bookbeat & Co.

You love audio books and are still looking for a suitable audio book app, but can't decide due to the large selection? No wonder, since there are so many different subscription models, prices and content. We examined well-known providers such as Spotify, Audible and Apple Music - these are the results.

The market is highly competitive: Spotify, Apple Music, Audible and BookBeat are just a few providers of audio book apps. They all have different prices, libraries, combo offers and conditions. To make your decision a little easier, we took a closer look at the various streaming services and present you with the most important details at a glance.

Big comparison of audio book apps: All details at a glance

There are a great many audiobook apps out there, each varying slightly in price , library size, and number of listening hours . There are also combined offers with music and e-books. In the following, we will introduce you to the nine best-known audio book providers.

Price per month Free trial period Library Flat rate Special features Spotify Premium from €9.99 Yes
1 month k. A. Yes 4 subscription models available Music flat rate Including student discount possible Apple Music from €4.99 Yes
3 months k. A. Yes
4 subscription models available Music flat rate Including student discount possible Audible 9.95 € Yes
30 days 200,000 tracks No
1 free audio book/month Exclusive podcasts Books can be kept after cancellation BookBeat from €9.99 Yes
1 month 500,000 tracks Yes
for €19.90/month 3 subscription models available Family account possible for a small additional charge Audiobooks by Deezer €9.99 Yes
3 months "Several 10,000" titles Yes 2 subscription models available Music flat rate Including Storytel 14.90 € Yes
30 days 250,000 titles Yes Audio books and e-books in a children's mode including student discount possible Nextory from €9.99 Yes
30 days 300,000 tracks Yes
for €18.99/month 3 subscription models available Audio books and e-books in one Legimi from €8.99 Yes
21 days 180,000 titles Yes 3 subscription models available Audio books and e-books in one Including e-reader can be booked at bü from €9.95 No 31,000
title no
1 free audio book/month 3 subscription models available Thalia 9.95 € Yes
30 days 80,000
title no
2 free audiobooks/month Pause without having to cancel immediately Skoobe from €17.99 Yes
30 days 400,000
Title Yes 2 subscription models available Audio books and e-books in one blinkist from €6.67 Yes
7 days 5,000
Title Yes Summaries of non-fiction books


Spotify is primarily known as a music streaming service, but it also has a few audiobooks. Unfortunately, we were not able to find out the exact number. You can test Spotify Premium for a month free of charge to convince yourself of the audio book library. After the free period, you pay EUR 9.99 per month for the usual premium membership, EUR 12.99 for access with two individual accounts, EUR 14.99 for families with up to six people and there is also a discount for students. You only pay 4.99 euros per month. Spotify can be canceled at any time with the push of a button.

If you want to know how to find audiobooks on Spotify, you should continue reading here:


Apple Music has not been offering audio books since 2021, but radio plays such as the "Sherlock Holmes Chronicles" or "Bibi and Tina" can still be found. Of course, Apple's streaming service also offers unlimited access to music. For 4.99 euros per month, students and those who don't mind a somewhat slimmed-down offer can listen to pure music. The normal tariff is available for EUR 9.99 and families with up to six people pay EUR 14.99. You can also test Apple Music for three months completely free of charge and this service can also be canceled at any time without any problems.


Audible is Amazon's in-house audio book app. Every month you can choose, download and listen to an audio book from over 200,000 titles . The special thing is that you keep these audio books even if you quit. It is therefore quite suitable for anyone who rarely listens to audio books or who wants to hear a very specific one over and over again. Audible also produces exclusive podcasts that you can only listen to there. New customers can test the offer for 30 days free of charge and Amazon Prime members even for 60 days . If you should decide to continue using the service, the subscription will cost 9.95 euros per month. Audible can be canceled online at any time.

More information about the audio book service Audible:


BookBeat is an audio book app with over 100,000 audio books and you can individually decide which subscription suits you best. You have the choice between a basic tariff for EUR 9.99 per month, with which you can listen to up to 25 hours of audio books per month, the standard tariff for EUR 14.99 for up to 100 listening hours per month and the premium Tariff for 19.90 euros per month with unlimited listening fun. Each subscription can be canceled at any time and you are therefore not entering into a binding contract. With BookBeat you can also add up to five family profiles to each subscription for 4.99 euros each and use the listening hours together. You can currently test BookBeat's premium subscription for two months completely free of charge .

More information about the current BookBeat campaign:

Audiobooks by Deezer

With Deezer you get two products in one. With the premium membership for 9.99 euros per month, you can not only listen to unlimited audio books, you also get unlimited music on top of that. With Deezer, you have the choice between two subscription models that include audio books: Deezer Premium, for EUR 9.99 per month for one account and Deezer Family for EUR 14.99 and up to 6 individual accounts. The only drawback: the selection of books is not communicated directly by Audiobooks by Deezer and is only given as "several tens of thousands of titles". But the good thing is that you can currently test Deezer Premium for three months free of charge and see the scope of the library for yourself, without any catch, since Deezer can also be canceled monthly.

You can get more information about Deezer Premium here:


At Storytel you can listen to unlimited audio books and even read e-books for EUR 14.90 per month. Students get a 33 percent discount and only pay a fee of 9.90 euros per month. According to the provider, the library includes over 250,000 titles , so everyone is sure to find something. The audio book subscription can also be canceled at any time and without a contract. You can currently test Storytel extensively free of charge for 30 days and see for yourself.


Nextory also offers you audio books and e-books in a subscription model and a large selection of over 300,000 titles . You have the choice between a silver subscription for 9.99 euros per month for up to 25 hours of listening and a gold subscription for 18.99 euros and unlimited reading/listening pleasure. Families pay $23.99 for unlimited listening with 2 profiles or $31.99 for 4 profiles. You can also test Nextory for 30 days free of charge and let the audio book app convince you. Cancellation is possible at any time at the push of a button.


Legimi has over 180,000 audio books and e-books on offer and is currently the only audio book provider with whom you can conclude a contract including an e-reader. You will be offered two subscription models without and four with the e-reader "Kindle 10". Prices start at EUR 8.99 for a premium subscription with a 12-month contract or EUR 9.99 without. You can also test Legimi free of charge for 21 days to convince yourself of the offer.

The website bü will probably be familiar to every bookworm, so their audio book streaming service should not be missing from our list. However, it performs rather poorly in comparison. With over 31,000 titles , the library is not particularly extensive and you won't find a free trial period here either. Anyone who still trusts the online bookseller has the option of downloading and listening to an audio book for EUR 9.95 a month . If you want to try out the service first, you can get three months for the price of two for 19.90 euros with a trial subscription.


The bookseller Thalia also offers an audio book service where you can select and download two audio books from over 80,000 titles for EUR 9.99 per month. As with Audible, the books can be kept after cancellation. Practical for everyone who rarely listens to audio books or who would like to call a very specific audio book their own. You can also test Thalia's audio book streaming for 30 days completely free of charge and without obligation.


At Skoobe you can choose from a library of over 400,000 titles and have listening pleasure and reading fun in one. This audio book streaming service offers a flexible monthly subscription and an annual subscription. You can cancel at any time for 19.99 euros a month, but if you are sure that you will use the service regularly, the annual subscription for 215.88 euros is worth a little more, as this is the equivalent of 17.99 euros a month is equivalent to. If you are not sure which subscription model is right for you, you can test Skoobe for 30 days free of charge and without obligation .


Blinkist isn't your average audiobook app, but we didn't want to withhold it from you. Instead of fiction and novels, non-fiction books are read to you here. But not as dry and boring as they usually are. Key statements are summarized briefly and understandably in order to save you a lot of time. A great thing, especially for pupils, students and all those who are thirsty for knowledge. For 6.67 euros a month you get unlimited access to over 5,000 specialist and non-fiction books in the library. You can also test Blinkist completely free of charge for seven days . Blinkist can also be canceled at any time and you do not enter into a binding contract.

In January there is an even better offer for a short time: After the free trial period, you save 40 percent and only pay 3.99 euros a month in the first year.

If you want to know more about the somewhat different audiobook app Blinkist, read on here:

Audio book apps in comparison: the conclusion

The selection of different providers for audio books is huge, so you can choose your streaming service according to your wishes and preferences. It is therefore rather difficult to draw a simple conclusion. Anyone who already has a premium account with Spotify or Apple Music and is satisfied with the library does not need an additional subscription.

For all those who want to listen to a lot of audio books, BookBeat with its various subscription models and 100,000 titles is probably the best choice. If you also want to stream unlimited music, you should definitely not miss out on Audiobooks by Deezer . We can recommend Nexory for those who listen a lot and bookworms. Luckily, most streaming providers offer free test phases where you can first listen to the right audio book app according to your taste.


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