China manufacturer gets hold of victory: This smartphone radiates the least

China manufacturer gets hold of victory: This smartphone radiates the least

Very few mobile phone users know the SAR value – wrongly so. It indicates how strong or weak a smartphone radiates. A rather unknown model from China grabs the gold medal with the lowest radiation value. But Samsung smartphones are also impressive in this category.

ZTE Blade V10 is the smartphone with the lowest SAR value

The Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) is unequivocal: If the SAR value of a smartphone is below 0.6 watts per kilogram, it is considered low-radiation. The ZTE Blade V10 is far from this limit with its SAR value of 0.13 . It is the smartphone with the lowest SAR value, as a list by Statista shows:

Second place also goes to the Chinese manufacturer. With a SAR value of 0.17, the Axon Elite performs only slightly worse. Places 3 to 6 all go to Samsung . Half of the smartphones listed here with the lowest SAR values ​​come from Samsung. The market leader can pat itself on the back for its low-radiation mobile phones.

Other big players in the mobile communications industry, such as Apple or Xiaomi, are not even represented in the Statista ranking. The current iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max have a SAR value of 0.99 on the ear and 0.98 on the body , respectively.

Of course, this does not mean that the iPhones are powerful smartphones. The upper limit of the World Health Organization (WHO) is a SAR value of 2 . The Pro models of the iPhone 13 generation are still a long way from that. According to the BfS, the Motorola Edge has the highest SAR value at 1.79.

To control your smartphone usage:

SAR value of all brand manufacturers

We have compiled a SAR value list of the most important smartphones by brand manufacturer for you in this special topic: SAR value: top smartphones with low radiation (table). There we also reveal how you can find out the SAR value of your smartphone yourself.


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