Cheaper than Samsung: will Google s folding cell phone become a bargain?

Cheaper than Samsung: will Google s folding cell phone become a bargain?

Foldable cell phones are one thing above all: expensive. Google's foldable smartphone should undercut the price of the pioneer Samsung in particular and be cheaper than the Galaxy Z Fold 3. But Germans are probably looking into the tube - at least for the time being.

Samsung has set the RRP of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 at around 1,800 euros. The South Koreans charge less than for the predecessor, but there can be no talk of cheap in these price regions. Foldable cell phones still cost more than comparably equipped smartphones without a flexible screen.

Google's folding phone should cost less than the Galaxy Z Fold 3

However, Google's folding cell phone should be at least cheaper than the Samsung competition, as a reliable source revealed to 9to5Google. The "Pixel Notepad", as the rumored name goes, is said to undercut the price of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 . However, the source did not reveal what that means in detail.

With a price below the MSRP of the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Google would undoubtedly set an exclamation mark - and underpin the ambitions that the US company would like to become a serious competitor to Samsung, Apple and Co. In view of the fact that folding cell phones are still more expensive to produce, potential buyers shouldn't expect a bargain either. Cheaper doesn't mean cheap.

After there was even speculation at the end of the year about the discontinuation of Google's folding cell phone, the rumors have recently picked up speed again. Recently, in the second beta version of Android 12L, graphics were even discovered that contain a reference to a foldable smartphone from Google. The design and folding mechanism should be based more on the Oppo Find N than on the Galaxy Z Fold 3 .

This is what the Oppo Find N looks like:

Pixel Notepad will be released in the US first

For the time being, however, the Pixel Notepad will only be available in the USA . There is talk of "limited availability". This is reminiscent of the Pixel 4a, which was also first available in the United States before its global launch. When Google will even present its folding cell phone is still in the stars anyway.


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