BMW mobile phone presented: Iconic design and a high-speed battery

BMW mobile phone presented: Iconic design and a high-speed battery

This BMW is easy to put in your pocket: Together with the Chinese manufacturer Vivo, two smartphones were announced again that use a BMW design. When it comes to the charging speed of the battery, the electric cars from BMW are likely to be jealous.

BMW mobile phone: Vivo iQOO 9 (Pro) presented in China

With the iQOO 9 and iQOO 9 Pro, Vivo has presented two smartphones that are also available in a special BMW edition. The iconic stripes of the BMW M logo are found on the back of the cell phone to match the motorsport series from the German car manufacturer . The currently fastest Android processor is under the hood.

Apart from the rear with a carbon texture , the BMW M Edition of the iQOO 9 (Pro) does not seem to have any other specific features. BMW wallpapers and icons may still be available, although Vivo has not provided any information.

The Android 12-based OriginOS Ocean is used as the operating system. The AMOLED display has a diagonal of 6.78 inches and offers up to 120 Hertz. For the Pro version, Vivo opted for a rounded screen.

BMW uses very special colors not only for cell phones, but also for its cars:

The new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor is included in both models. It is supported by up to 12 GB of RAM and an internal memory of up to 512 GB. The battery comes to 4,700 mAh and, according to Vivo, can be charged with 120 watts. They say the battery should be fully charged after just 19 minutes . Only the Pro version also allows wireless charging (source: Vivo at Weibo via GSMArena).

Vivo iQOO 9 (Pro) in BMW design only in China

Vivo and BMW have only announced the phones for the Chinese market . The iQOO 9 is said to be available there from the equivalent of 550 euros, while the Pro version starts at 695 euros. The market launch is planned for January 12th. Vivo has not announced whether the smartphones will later also be offered in this country.


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