BlackBerry will make a comeback in 2022 with a 5G phone

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The smartphone brand BlackBerry has already done several RIPs. However, thanks to her resilience, she has always managed to get back on her feet. However, the brand still hasn't managed to win back more users than it did in the early days.

A 5G smartphone from BlackBerry with the iconic physical keyboard will be released in 2022, which could hopefully help win back the loyal fan base. But who needs a smartphone with a physical keyboard in 2022?

OnwardMobility will launch a 5G BlackBerry in 2022

For the third time, BlackBerry phones are making a comeback, and this time in partnership with OnwardMobility, a Texas-based tech company. This smartphone brand partnership was announced back in 2020, just before BlackBerry's previous deal with TCL ended.

As a result, OnwardMobility has announced plans to release a new 5G BlackBerry Android smartphone for business in 2022, complete with the iconic physical keyboard. The device was supposed to be officially unveiled in 2021 , but the company hasn't managed to make it happen, citing various issues.

However, the phone is slated for release in 2022, OnwardMobility assured BlackBerry fans who have been waiting for a new BlackBerry-branded smartphone since the BlackBerry Key2 LE was launched in August 2018. More details about the device will be announced shortly. Nevertheless, you should think about a VPN with such a cell phone to protect your device. To make your decision easier, you can read reviews of cheap VPN software. The announcement comes shortly after BlackBerry's "End of Life" announcement for its classic devices ranging from BlackBerry 7 to BlackBerry 10, which means it's dead.

Who needs a physical keyboard on a smartphone these days?

BlackBerry isn't quite dead yet, but what's left of it is just a shell of its former self in the smartphone industry, to say the least. One thing that will set BlackBerry's upcoming Android phone apart is the physical keyboard. But will that be enough to attract more users? Certainly not.

To understand why the upcoming device is unlikely to be a hit, let's first examine why the physical keyboard is dead on smartphones. First, physical keyboards made phones thicker. Phones with physical keyboards in BlackBerry-like designs offer a less than ideal viewing experience for multimedia playback and web browsing. Also, the keys on physical keyboards are small and firm, unlike virtual keyboards, which are versatile with features like one-handed typing and swipe gestures.

Physical keyboards also mean smartphones have less screen real estate with an odd aspect ratio. Some companies have solved this problem with a slide-out keyboard, resulting in a thicker device.

While virtual keyboards are not without flaws, their pros far outweigh the cons. Therefore, many will certainly never think of buying a physical smartphone keyboard.

Perhaps the remaining physical keyboard market is small and mostly made up of holdouts who still want to use what they are most comfortable with or prefer. Or those who want to evoke the feeling of nostalgia from the early era of physical smartphone keyboards .

Bottom Line : You don't have to commit to a phone with a physical keyboard. You can get the best of both worlds by simply plugging a USB keyboard into your touchscreen Android phone without making any major compromises.

Smartphones with physical keyboards keep fighting

Physical keyboards have had their day, and with the advent of touchscreens, they no longer fit into the new world. Nevertheless, holdouts like BlackBerry continue to fight against it.

There are currently only a handful of companies making such phones, including Planet Computers, which unveiled an Astro Slide 5G with a keyboard at CES 2022. London-based company Fxtec unveiled the Pro1 at MWC 2019, with its successor, the Pro1 X, set to launch in 2022.

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