Best keyboards and how to install them on your Xiaomi? 2022

Among the various advantages that we can find in Android, we have the possibility of installing a different keyboard on our device than the one we find installed from the factory. Although we must say that Miui has a good keyboard, we can also find an important variety of keyboards that can provide us with more features , including a higher typing speed.

For example, in Google Play we will easily find all kinds of keyboards for our Xiaomi devices, from the most traditional to those that offer us impressive speed, as is the case of Flesky, which has even managed to sneak into the book of the Guinness World Records .

Thinking about it, in this article we share with you what are considered the 6 most popular and important keyboards that you can download and use on your Xiaomi ; gaining both in customization and in functionalities.

Swiftkey, one of the most used and complete

The first that we bring you is Swiftkey, which undoubtedly stands out from the rest. We are talking about a keyboard with a long journey , being, in fact, much older than most that we can find today. Among its main features, a word prediction system stands out, as well as an excellent autocorrect .

swiftkey keyboard

On the other hand, it offers us a long list of customization options, as well as interesting statistics that will make it easier for us to write at any time and application.

  • Download swiftkey keyboard

GBoard, a keyboard designed by Google

One of the preferred options among those who want to go from Xiaomi's factory configured keyboard is Gboard; which has been designed by Google in a minimalist model and with a really impressive prediction capacity.

gboard keyboard

Among its functions, we are allowed to choose between various backgrounds, in addition to adding our own images or photos to create new themes .

  • Download custom Gboard keyboard

Minuum, an original keyboard

Minuum stands out from its interface, which, as you will notice, is quite different from what we are used to. From the outset, for example, we will notice that it has much larger keys than normal .

minute keyboard

On the other hand, it offers us the option of writing through gestures, sound and themes. Therefore, we can say that it is an ideal keyboard for those who like to experiment.

  • Download Minuum keyboard

Fleksy, a pretty fast keyboard

If speed is what you are looking for, then you have to go for Flesky . And it is that if something has made this keyboard known that we have the potion to download on our Xiaomi device, it is precisely its speed. In addition, to make things even easier for us, it has a simple and fast interface.

As for the design, it is minimalist and has the advantage that it is free to use; and even stands out for its high level of privacy. In short, a keyboard app that you should try.

fleksy keyboard
  • Download Fleksy keyboard for free

Chrooma Keyboard, a colorful keyboard

Our last option, but no less important than the rest, is Chrooma Keyboard. A d i ference of the rest, offers a wide variety of colors that will adapt easily to the application where we are.

We can say that it is one of the most striking keyboards, both for its appearance and for the functions it offers us. Certainly interesting.

chroma keyboard
  • Chrooma keyboard direct download

Typewise, the keyboard that helps you avoid mistakes

Perhaps a keyboard less known than the previous ones, but very curious. Its objective is to improve the speed of writing, but it also helps us to make fewer errors in writing .

You can also customize almost any part of the keyboard, buttons, fonts, shortcuts, emojis, etc.

typewise keyboard
  • Typewise keyboard download

How to change the default keyboard of your Xiaomi?

So that you can count on any of the keyboards that we have shared with you above, Xiaomi gives us the possibility of modifying the default Miui keyboard , which is a fairly quick and easy adjustment to make ; although very few know it.

Therefore, below, we share with you the method to change the keyboard of our Xiaomi for any option we want. It doesn't matter if you have a Redmi Note 7, Note 9 or any Xiaomi, Redmi or Poco device, the step by step will be exactly the same .

How to modify the keyboard of your Xiaomi and its appearance?

Next, we share with you the step by step:

  • The first thing is to download the keyboard you want to use. As you may have noticed, we have left you a list with the best Xiaomi smartphone keyboards , in case you want to use any of them and download them directly .
  • Next, activate it. You simply have to go to Settings / Additional settings / Languages ​​​​and text input and you will see what your current keyboard is .
change keyboard on xiaomi
  • Just below, you will see the option to Manage keyboards . Where if you enter, you will see the list of available keyboards , including those you have previously downloaded and where you have to activate your new default keyboard .
  • Finally, we go back and, once again, from the Current Keyboard option, you will see the one you have chosen.

With this step by step we get the keyboard that we liked the most to be activated for daily use, but we will also get the default keyboard configuration on our device.


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