Apple manages a mega coup: Xiaomi and Co. have to clear the field

Apple manages a mega coup: Xiaomi and Co. have to clear the field

In recent years, Apple has had no chance of asserting itself against the superiority of Chinese smartphone suppliers in the Middle Kingdom. Now, however, the mega coup succeeds. Apple is in first place, Xiaomi and Co. are making way.

The fourth quarter of 2021 was not only a global hit for Apple and the iPhone, especially the new iPhone 13 models. In China, too, the manufacturer has now climbed to the top position for the first time in six years – no other smartphone manufacturer was able to sell more (source: Counterpoint Research).

Apple #1 with iPhone in China

The iPhone was thus able to achieve an impressive 23 percent market share in China in the months of October, November and December, in the same period of 2020 Apple had to be content with 16 percent, at that time this was just enough for fourth place. What growth and what a "loss of face" for the domestic smartphone industry. Xiaomi and Co. are put in their places and have to line up behind the Americans. A look at the individual shares reveals the dilemma of the Chinese providers:

Apple: 23 percent Vivo: 19 percent Oppo: 17 percent Honor: 15 percent Xiaomi: 13 percent Huawei: 7 percent Realme: 3 percent Rest: 4 percent

Apple last achieved such a top position in the fourth quarter of 2015, since then it has no longer been number 1 in China. The recent success can only be good for the competition, as the experts from Counterpoint Research note that Apple's success in the premium segment will only encourage Chinese brands to further strengthen their offerings in this segment .

If the normal iPhone 13 is not enough for you, there are also very special special series:

Overall victory 2021 remains in Chinese hands

But the Chinese still have something to look forward to. Calculated over the entire year 2021, it was only enough for Apple to take third place. Overall winner of the year is Vivo, followed by Oppo. Nevertheless: The trend speaks for Apple at the moment, the Chinese are under pressure.


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