Apple makes fun of Spotify: well-known musician is no longer homeless

Apple makes fun of Spotify: well-known musician is no longer homeless

Apple can't resist a dig at Spotify. After Neil Young had his music removed from Spotify due to the controversy surrounding Joe Rogan, Apple reacted in two ways. With Apple Music, the musician even gets his own category.

Apple trolls Spotify: We are the home of Neil Young

Apple positions itself in dispute between Neil Young, Spotify and podcaster Joe Rogan. A separate category was quickly introduced at Apple Music, in which only Musk by the Canadian-American singer can be heard. Appropriately enough, it's called "We love Neil". Apple also takes sides on Twitter. Apple Music is now no less than "the home of Neil Young" (source: Apple Music).

For some fans of Neil Young, Apple's actions should be reason enough to sign up for Apple Music. Since his music can no longer be found on Spotify - at the musician's own request - they basically have little other choice. Meanwhile, some iPhone owners even received a notification from Apple Music that explicitly advertised Neil Young's music.

Only the company itself knows how many new users Apple was able to convince of its music streaming service. Apple hardly comments on the number of users anyway. When announcing the latest quarterly results, Apple stated that a total of 165 million customers use paid services. After Spotify, Apple Music is number two.

Tips about Spotify in the video:

Neil Young is leaving Spotify for Joe Rogan

The musician had asked Spotify to completely remove his songs from the platform. Spotify also complied with this requirement. Young had previously put the music streaming service under pressure: Either Spotify does something about the dangerous Corona misinformation from podcaster Joe Rogan , or his music disappears. Young said Rogan was spreading "life-threatening misinformation" about the virus among his millions of fans.


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