Apple helps with 2G: Corona vaccination certificate without detours for iPhone users

Apple helps with 2G: Corona vaccination certificate without detours for iPhone users

Anyone who is currently visiting a restaurant or wants to go to the cinema must have their corona vaccination certificate at hand and present their 2G status. It will be faster and less complicated for iPhone users in the future, because Apple will soon be integrating the COVID vaccination certificate directly into the system according to the EU standard.

Apple integrates EU COVID vaccination certificate directly into iPhone

Anyone presenting their digital vaccination pass usually opens either the Corona warning app or the CovPass app on their iPhone. In the future, however, Apple will store the vaccination certificate directly in the iPhone system within its own health app and the wallet app. This already works for US citizens and customers from Canada, but not for EU residents. However, they will soon be able to import their digital COVID vaccination certificate into the Apple system with iOS 15.4 (source: MacRumors).

The feature is not yet working completely smoothly, but there is still some time until the release of iOS 15.4:

The big advantage: The vaccination certificate stored in Apple's wallet can be presented more quickly . Double-clicking on the side or home button (depending on the iPhone model) is sufficient when the iPhone is locked. The Apple cell phone no longer has to be unlocked and the app opened - a valuable time saver. So far, this has only been possible indirectly, for example by creating such a wallet pass via a web service or by using other apps from other countries.

So far, the digital vaccination card has worked like this:

Good to know in this context: The EU COVID certificate is currently not only recognized in Germany and the EU itself, 33 non-EU countries (and regions) have already joined the EU's digital COVID certificate system connected. These include, for example, Norway, Switzerland, Israel, the United Kingdom and also distant countries such as New Zealand or Uruguay.

iOS 15.4 offers even more

iOS 15.4 is currently still under development at Apple, and a public release is expected in the next few weeks. The update integrates a wealth of features and functions. This includes, for example, Face ID support for mask wearers - very helpful in times of the pandemic. Also included are a lot of new emojis and various other useful things.


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