Apple forgets German holidays: Calendar app confuses iPhone users

Apple forgets German holidays: Calendar app confuses iPhone users

iPhone owners shouldn't rely on Apple's Calendar app right now. Apparently some holidays from Germany and other countries are missing. The problem will not exist for a long time, because an update is on the way.

iPhone: Apple forgets German holidays

If Apple has its way, we should go to work more often than usual in 2022. According to some user reports, Apple simply forgot to update some holidays for the New Year. The problem occurs in the calendar app especially on regional holidays . These are either missing entirely or only match the previous year (source: MacRumors).

Not only German iPhone owners are currently amazed at the sloppiness. Holidays are also missing in Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Australia and some other countries. The US is not affected, however. Missing holidays should not cause confusion equally for all iOS versions . The German public holidays are not fully recorded in the new iOS 15.2.

It remains unclear why Apple didn't respond to the problem much earlier. As early as the summer of 2021, there were first reports from surprised users as to why next year's holidays were not displayed correctly. But it is also certain that Apple likes to take a little more time on public holidays . The standard "German Holidays" calendar for 2021 was only updated by Apple on December 29, 2020.

If you can't rely on the Apple calendar app: In the video you can see the holidays in Germany.

Missing holidays: Update is on the way

According to reports on the UK, Apple has distributed an initial update in the past few hours. If this is installed, then the holidays appear again. It can therefore be assumed that a suitable fix will appear in Germany soon. A look at the bridging days 2022 is worthwhile even without an update.


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