Apple Car: Severe setback in the e-car project

Apple Car: Severe setback in the e-car project

Another setback for Apple's ambitions in the e-car sector: The technical director of "Project Titan" throws in the towel and leaves the group. His team was completely reorganized just a year ago. In the future he will work at Meta (Facebook).

Apple Car: technical director leaves Apple

Just a year ago, Apple's electric car project was put on a new footing with Joe Bass as software boss. He is now leaving Apple and moving to Meta (Facebook) , as he himself confirmed in his LinkedIn profile (Source: Joe Bass on LinkedIn).

Managers Dave Scott, Jaime Waydo, Dave Rosenthal and Benjamin Lyon had already said goodbye to the Apple Car at the beginning of 2021. The leader of Apple's EV effort, Doug Field, has been absent since September 2021 . Hardware boss Michael Schwekutsch no longer works at Apple either.

Apple's electric car has not yet shown itself. In the video we show the misconceptions that still prevail around e-cars:

It is not yet known who will take up the job as Joe Bass's replacement. Apparently, Kevin Lynch, who previously took care of the development of the Apple Watch, remains the leader of the project. Previously, John Giannandrea was at the helm. It can at least be doubted that the personnel carousel in the e-car project has now stopped turning.

Maybe Apple's e-car looks something like this:

"Project Titan": Apple's electric car remains a phantom

Apparently Apple wants to attack with its own electric car by 2024 at the latest. Officially, however, the topic is still very covered. Reports that Apple could cooperate with LG in the production have not been solidified.

In October 2021, several well-known battery manufacturers withdrew from the project. Apple is said to have asked them to make batteries exclusively available . Talks about it have been broken off without result.


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