Android smartwatches have gotten the hang of it: we ve been waiting for this feature for years

Android smartwatches have gotten the hang of it: we ve been waiting for this feature for years

Under Wear OS they were a neglected minority for years: left-handers. In the future, however, Android smartwatches should adapt to the user – and no longer the other way around. But there is one limitation.

Whether computer mouse, scissors or notepad: our world is designed for right-handers through and through. The number of left-handers in Germany is estimated at between 10 and 15 percent. In other words, millions of people who live with small and large disadvantages in everyday life. The world of Android smartwatches has so far paid little attention to the neglected minority. But that is set to change in the future.

Android smartwatches allow rotating the user interface by 180 degrees

They should soon be able to rotate their user interface 180 degrees . Left-handed people can wear the watch the wrong way around, for example to be able to use existing buttons more comfortably . So far this is not possible. Google took around four years to implement this function. The first entry in the Google forum is dated April 2018, the corresponding thread has now been marked as "fixed" (closed).

A small drop of bitterness: The innovation should only be available on "future new devices" , they say. The fix does not reveal what that means in concrete terms. So owners of older Android smartwatches could get nothing. Whether this also includes buyers of the Galaxy Watch 4, to date the only smartwatch with Wear OS 3, is not known. However, Google and Samsung should not be interested in annoying left-handed owners of the Galaxy Watch 4 a few months after the start of sales.

Samsung's latest smartwatches in video:

Wear OS app "Lefty" upgrades functionality

If you are left-handed and want to help yourself in the meantime, you can take a closer look at the Wear OS app "Lefty" (view it in the Google Play Store). The free application enables the user interface to be inverted and thus precisely the functionality that is to be introduced on Android smartwatches in the future.


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