Amazon: These deals at the beginning of the year are real bargains

Amazon: These deals at the beginning of the year are real bargains

Amazon attracts new discounts almost every day, but which offers are actually worthwhile for bargain hunters? xiaomist provides an overview of the best bargains on Amazon - updated regularly.

The best deals at the beginning of the year on Amazon

Just in time for the beginning of the year, Amazon is putting out offers again. Regardless of whether it is about converting your own home into a smart home, upgrading gaming accessories or simply making the household a little easier - everyone will find what they are looking for at Amazon . We took a look around, compared the prices with their other shops and only listed the best deals that are currently nowhere cheaper.

Echo Dot 4 + Philips Hue white lamps for 39.99 euros (instead of 84.94 euros): Smart Home starter package with the 4th generation of the intelligent Amazon speaker with Alexa and 2 Philips Smart Home lights. Savings of over 50 percent. Other packages also available.

Grundig Vision 8 Fire TV for 399 euros (instead of 485.99 euros): 49 inches, Ultra HD, Alexa voice control, model number 49 VAE 80 (model year 2020), 60 Hz, connections: 3x HDMI, 2x USB 2.0.

Fossil Men's Touchscreen Smartwatch 5 for 119.25 euros (instead of 229 euros RRP): 5E. Generation with loudspeaker, heart rate monitor, GPS, NFC and smartphone notifications, up to 24 hours of battery life, 50 minutes of charging time for 80 percent charge.

Bissell stick and handheld vacuum cleaner for 169.92 euros (instead of 259.59 euros RRP): 2-in-1, cordless, bagless, 21 V, up to 30 minutes battery life, model no. MultiReach Active 2907C.

Echo Show 8 for 64.99 euros (instead of 109.99 euros RRP): 8-inch HD display, Alexa voice control, video and music streaming, video calls with other Echo screen devices.

The Sims 4 (PC) for 4.80 euros (instead of 39.90 euros): the classic life simulation game as a digital code. Many more digital games from the EA catalog on offer.

Echo Dot 3 for 19.99 euros (instead of 49.99 euros RRP): 3rd generation of the intelligent Amazon speaker with Alexa, anthracite fabric. Also available in combination with Philips Hue lamps.

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