You can also do it without Android 12: Simply retrofit the best feature via the app

You can also do it without Android 12: Simply retrofit the best feature via the app

Google has integrated some useful features into Android 12. One of the best can now be easily retrofitted to older Android versions. There is also a free app that even works with Android 7.

Android 12 has not only got a new look, but can also convince with interesting features under the hood. One of the most important innovations is the comprehensive data protection dashboard. All access and authorizations from apps to the camera, microphone and other mobile phone components are clearly displayed here.

Android: Retrofit data protection dashboard via app

The new dashboard was previously only available under Android 12. If you don't have the current version of Google's mobile operating system on your mobile phone, you can at least upgrade the data protection dashboard simply via app . The app with the appropriate name "Privacy Dashboard" is available in the Play Store free of charge and free of advertising from a third party.

The app is basically a pure copy of the privacy functions that are natively available on Android 12. Which app is granted access to the camera, microphone or other components under which circumstances can be easily set. As with Android 12, you can also configure that an app is only granted access if it is open. The manufacturer has also thought of a dark mode.

Control camera access via> Data Protection Dashboard

As with Android 12, the app uses a glowing notification LED to indicate when an app is currently allowed access to the smartphone's camera and microphone. This means that you can see at a glance whether the camera is currently active or not.

In the video you can find out what has changed with Android 12:

"Privacy Dashboard" is offered as an open source app, the source code can be viewed on GitHub. Android version 7 or higher is required for the app.


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