Xiaomi updates the charging animation of its smartphones again

Xiaomi has once again updated the charging animation of its smartphones and this time it has done so maintaining almost the same design but adding more information regarding the charging power supplied.

This is how they have let us know from XIAOMIUI , showing us the first images of this new loading animation presented in the latest Closed Beta published by Xiaomi in China and that we will soon end up seeing in the Global version.

This is the new charging animation that will come to your Xiaomi

As we can see under these lines, Xiaomi has updated the MIUI loading animation, keeping the same style but with a more striking design . The lighting effect is now wider, with a greater "electricity" effect.

Xiaomi actualiza de nuevo la animación de carga de sus smartphones. Noticias Xiaomi A
Old and new MIUI loading animation

In addition, Xiaomi has removed the text "My Turbo Charge" from the charging animation to incorporate an indicator of the power that is being supplied . In this way we can know if our smartphone is reaching the maximum allowed or what power is being charged.

In summary, a small update that beyond aesthetics presents a great utility in order to know the status of the fast charge of our smartphone . Probably this novelty comes along with the stable version of MIUI 13.

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