Xiaomi: These smartphones will first receive the Android 12 update in Germany

Xiaomi: These smartphones will first receive the Android 12 update in Germany

Xiaomi has been working on the Android 12 update with MIUI 13 for its many smartphones for a long time. A list of devices has now emerged that reveals which smartphones will be supplied with a global software version first, which will then also be distributed in Germany.

These Xiaomi smartphones will receive Android 12 first

Various smartphone manufacturers have already started distributing Android 12 for their devices. Samsung was among the first to do this outside of the Google world with Pixel smartphones. Xiaomi could soon follow suit. According to this, global ROMs with Android 12 and MIUI 13 for 16 mobile phones have already appeared, which should also receive the new software in Germany in the foreseeable future (source: Xiaomiui).

The following Xiaomi smartphones will soon receive the Android 12 update:

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra Xiaomi Mi 11 Xiaomi Mi 11i Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 4G Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G Xiaomi Mi 10 Xiaomi Mi 10T Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro Xiaomi 11T Xiaomi 11T Pro Poco F2 Pro Poco F3 Poco X3 GT Poco X3 Pro Redmi Note 10 Pro Redmi Note 10 4G

This should soon provide the most popular Xiaomi smartphones with the latest software. The list should be particularly gratifying for people who have bought the cheap Redmi and Poco smartphones. These are supplied with updates by the Chinese smartphone manufacturer just as well as the more expensive models. The Redmi Note 10 Pro in particular is a real best seller .

With Android 12, Xiaomi will also introduce MIUI 13. The new operating system should get new functions again after Xiaomi distributed a major update with MIUI 12, with which many problems have surfaced. Then you tried to fix this with MIUI 12.5. The accusation was loud that Xiaomi developers prefer to use iPhones and that is why the problems arise.

What will change for you with Android 12:

Xiaomi 12 appears directly with Android 12

The Xiaomi 12 will be presented at the end of December. This should be presented directly with Android 12 and MIUI 13. Only then should the rollout for other smartphones start. After all, Xiaomi wants to use the event to showcase the new features of the software. Xiaomi could then get started from the beginning of 2022. We will let you know if that is the case.


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