Xiaomi takes Samsung as a role model and wants to become more independent

Xiaomi takes Samsung as a role model and wants to become more independent

Samsung is currently the world's largest smartphone manufacturer. But the South Korean company not only builds smartphones, tablets, etc., but also develops components for them. This is exactly what Xiaomi now wants to do and starts with one of the most important components.

Xiaomi wants to develop displays like Samsung

The best displays in the world for smartphones are currently from Samsung. Even Apple installs the OLED panel in its iPhones. There are also other companies such as LG and Co, but they often find it difficult to match Samsung's quality and cannot produce in such high quantities. Xiaomi now also wants to get into the business with displays (source: Pandaily).

Accordingly, Tianma Microelectronics and Xiaomi have signed an agreement for a joint laboratory to research new display technologies . Both companies should contribute their experience and resources to advance the development of screens. Tianma Microelectronics is an experienced company that was founded in 1983. It is intended to help Xiaomi achieve its goals in the area of ​​flexible screens for mobile devices.

The most important goal for Xiaomi is likely to be a little more independence. More and more manufacturers, including those from China, no longer just want to rely on technologies that mostly come from the USA . That can quickly end badly, as can be seen from the example of Huawei. It is currently not known when we will see the first own displays in Xiaomi smartphones. That should initially be an investment for the future.

This processor is in the Xiaomi 12:

Xiaomi 12 will be revealed soon

The Xiaomi 12, 12 Pro or 12 Ultra shouldn't have its own display installed yet. It is far too early for that. The new high-end smartphones are supposed to be presented in the next few days. The first details have already been leaked and promise a surprisingly compact cell phone.


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