Xiaomi smart cutting board that not everyone will be able to have in their kitchen

The latest of Xiaomi's kitchen novelties is here, it is a new smart cutting board . And the best thing, that it is already available in AliExpress and with shipping from Europe. Worst? It is not suitable for all pockets.

código de descuento xiaomi youpin tabla de cortar inteligente

A smart food cutting board? Yes, Xiaomi has!

This practical smart cutting board launched on Xiaomi YouPin, certainly attracts attention. Made of bamboo wood (organic bamboo, of course), this table has a practical compartment where we can put the divided food for example, as well as another cutting board inside it . It also has a slot where we can put our knives, in addition to sterilizing them by means of a UV system .

discount code xiaomi youpin smart cutting board

This cutting board on the other hand, we can expand it without major problems , getting a second surface with the interior and separable board that it brings. In addition, a digital scale is included in it, as well as a timer to perfectly measure the times in the kitchen.

But that's not all, this gadget also has compartments for sharpening knives . What will allow us to keep our knives always in the best conditions.

discount code xiaomi youpin smart cutting board

Regarding autonomy, which supports both the scale, the UV lamp and the timer, it has a 3,000 mAh battery ; which translates to around 30 days of use . All this makes this table a perfect instrument for our kitchen (which we will surely benefit from).

Xiaomi smart kitchen table What is its price and availability?

As we have mentioned, this kitchen board escapes from the typical cutting board of our kitchen , since it has many functions that the basic ones or the one that we can all have in our kitchen, do not have.

In addition, this smart table is already available on AliExpress with shipping from Europe. Its price? € 131 with the discount coupon O354AMKLXB43 .

See Xiaomi Smart Kitchen Table


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