Xiaomi s new 3D pen will allow you to unleash your creativity

It may be that you are looking for a device to let yourself go; Or, buy a perfect gift for these upcoming dates. Whatever the case, Xiaomi's new 3D pen will amaze you.

código de descuento pluma impresora 3d cupón ofertas xiaomi youpin

What are the features and functions that make this new Xiaomi 3D pen unique?

It is a very light and easy to use pen; launched by Xiaoxun, one of the brands associated with Xiaomi, and already presented on YouPin. It is also very cheap and ideal both for the smallest of the family, as well as for adult users.

The pen is powered by a USB cable (which is 1.20 m long); and it is characterized by a low weight body ( does not exceed 40 grams ) and is very easy to handle with one hand.

Likewise, it is considered a completely safe device , since it works at low temperatures, thus avoiding accidents, mainly in children.

xiaomi 3d pen

And when it comes to refills, the pen works based on 1.75 mm diameter filaments that you can buy independently and very cheaply .

With this 3D printing pen you can make any type of object that you can think of and materialize it in front of you.

Xiaomi 3D marker What is its price and availability?

The Xiaomi 3D pen is already available through AliExpress with shipments from Europe, and we can also buy refills of filaments of different colors.

xiaomi 3d marker pen

As for its price, we can find this 3D printing marker with 5 types of filaments of different colors is € 23 , while you can find spare parts for 13 euros with 10 types of colors.

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