Xiaomi presents Mi TV +, its new free television channel service

With successes such as Pluto TV or Netflix, Xiaomi has wanted to join the growing offer of this type of service by presenting Mi TV + , its own free live television service over the Internet.

Mi TV + will become the new television channel service that Xiaomi will launch in Spain in 2022 , allowing us to enjoy a large amount of content on televisions such as the recently launched Xiaomi TV Q1E .

Xiaomi Mi TV +, about 60 channels without any subscription

Although, Mi TV + will not arrive in Spain until 2022, this new service will have around 60 channels , which will encompass all kinds of categories: News, Lifestyle, Sports, Fun, Comedy, Science, Crime, Cinema ...

Xiaomi presenta Mi TV+, su nuevo servicio de canales gratuitos para España. Noticias Xiaomi A

In addition, this new Xiaomi television service will not need any type of registration or subscription , allowing us to enjoy all the content for free and without complications.

That is, at the moment Mi TV + only offers free channels in English. However, from Xiaomi they assure that they will soon begin to offer a greater amount of content, including channels in Spanish .

In addition, at the moment it is unknown if this service will reach all the company's televisions , as well as the Xiaomi Mi Box S or the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick . The truth is that if these last two devices were reached, the reception would be better.

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