Xiaomi Mi TV +: Xiaomi s free TV channels are already in Europe

If there is a product that made Xiaomi famous worldwide, without a doubt, it was smart TVs thanks to the incredible quality / price they offer. And today, we can find them with the best technology and much more complete thanks to various additions , for example, the Xiaomi Mi TV + service .

xiaomi mi tv +

Xiaomi Mi TV + reaches televisions in Europe with more than 60 free channels

And it is that since the concept of using multimedia without an antenna was born, more and more companies have decided to create their own platforms for online TV channels . Gone are the days when the only way to watch television was to rely on national TV.

What is the new Xiaomi Mi TV Plus platform about?

Xiaomi Mi TV +, today, is presented as a direct rival of other emejantes s services, such as LG Channels, Samsung TV Plus, Rakuten TV, Vodafone TV, among others.

Thus, the new Xiaomi service, is currently testing with 63 channels, which do not require any registration or subscription (in other words, are completely free).

xiaomi mi tv plus

Among the categories that we can find, are: Lifestyle, Comedy, Crime, Science, News, Cinema, Entertainment, Most popular and Sports . In turn, in them we find channels such as Motorvision, GoTraveles, Bloomberg TV, Tastemade , among others. And as it could not be missing, it also offers us a television guide to know the programming schedule of each channel.

Of course, to be able to use this new Xiaomi service we need to have a Xiaomi Mi TV , so we will not find it on devices with Android TV. At the moment it is not expected that it can be used with a Mi Box either.

That is, we will need a Xiaomi TV , whatever the range with the Miui For Tv system , so that we have a guaranteed pleasant and fluid experience.

xiaomi mi tv +

From when will Miui TV Plus be available?

According to information provided by the Chinese brand, Xiaomi Mi TV + will be available from 2022 in Spain; Not for nothing is in this country where Xiaomi registers more sales in Europe in terms of televisions .

Xiaomi is working with national media, to offer a better catalog , so all the aforementioned channels may not be the only ones that offer.


  1. How to change Xiaomi TV + language from germany to english?!

  2. I need this info too, because all live tv programs talks in german!?

    1. Use VPN and switch to countriea like Singapore, Malaysia, India to get audio in English language


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