Xiaomi Magic Center with Miui 13: new ecosystem

Xiaomi presented the Miui 13 , and we already know when it will be officially launched since it will arrive at first.

Xiaomi Magic Center What is it? What does? Compatibility?

xiaomi centro mágico miui 13

One of the options that are included in Miui 13 is the Magic Center or Miui Wonder Center as it was called a few weeks ago.

  • The Miui 13 software has expanded not only to mobile phones, but it can also be used in tablets, laptops, speakers and televisions .

In fact, Xiaomi is going to be useful to group its enormous number of products that it has. To be able to have control from the same place.

How to enter Miui's magic center?

To access the "Xiaomi magic center", you just have to lower the notification window and a new option will appear at the bottom.

Once inside, you will be able to see in a quick and intuitive way your main mobile phone that occupies the highest and largest position, and in the surroundings the different devices that are compatible and those that we have already connected .

What is the function of the Xiaomi Magic Center on Miui 13?

The main reason why Xiaomi has decided to create this new function is to connect different brand devices in a more intuitive and easy way and thus create an ecosystem .

  • By creating this ecosystem, you can quickly and easily transfer songs from a speaker, to your television or to your mobile phone for example. Pass files, copy notes, interact with each other from the same place.

It will also allow us to use the phone as a remote control to control media playback from devices connected to this control center.

xiaomi miui 13 magic center

In addition, to make it easier and more visual, Xiaomi has added some stickers so that you can assign them to different places in the house . For example, a bathroom where we have a loudspeaker (and the icon of a roll of paper), a bedroom , where the TV is and a bed icon appears.

In this way it is easier to remember which smart gadget you have in that place.

What products are compatible with the Miui Magic Center?

Officially, Xiaomi has informed us that these are the devices compatible with Magic Center, at least in China.

  • Smart phones
    • Any model with Miui 13 and Android 12 (Android 11 not confirmed)
  • Tablets
    • Xiaomi Pad 5, Pad 5 Pro, Pad 5 Pro 5G with Miui 13
  • Computers
    • All Xiaomi and Redmi laptops
  • Smart speakers
    • Xiaomi Sound, AI Speaker 2nd Gen, Xiaoai Speaker, Xiaoai Speaker Pro, Xiaoai Touch Screen Speaker, Xiaoai Speaker Touch Screen Pro
    • Redmi Xiaoai, Xiaoai Touch Screen Speaker Pro
  • Smart TVs
    • Xiaomi Mi TV 6 OLED 55/65 ″, Mi TV 5/5 Pro 55/65/75 ″, Mi TV 5A 43/50/55 ″, Mi TV 5S 43 ″, Mi TV 4A 32/40/43/50 / 55/58/65 ″, Mi TV 4S 43/55/65/65 Pro / 75 ″, Mi TV 4C 40/43/50/58 ″, Mi TV 4X 55 ″, Mi TV Pro 43/55/65 Mi, My TV Master 82 ″, My TV LUX Transparent Edition
    • Redmi Smart TV 32 ″, Smart TV Max 86/98 ″, Smart TV X50 / X55 / X65 / X75

When will Magic Center be available? Official launch

From the presentation on 12/28/2021 until mid-February, the 13 Magic Center launched on Miui 13, will only be available in beta version by invitation of Xiaomi .

Starting in mid-February, however, the public beta program will begin in China . Therefore, it is not yet known when it could reach the western versions, but as a general rule, a few months later.


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