Xiaomi launches 360-degree moving TV base in China with support for 65- to 100-inch TVs in China

Recently, the Chinese tech giant Xiaomi unveiled the latest product added to its lifestyle product line in the form of a moving Mi TV stand. According to ITHome, Xiaomi has introduced the Mi TV mobile stand, which is officially compatible with 65- to 100-inch TVs. This mobile TV bracket is made of metal and has a double hook design. Its bases are made of thick and reinforced hollow tubes that enable them to withstand a weight of 120 kg. The stand also has safety features such as anti-shake, anti-tilt and measures to prevent the TV from falling off the stand.

Xiaomi Mi mobile TV stand

This stand supports height adjustment up to 9 different levels and is equipped with a 360-degree wheel and brakes that allow you to move freely with your TV.

This stand is designed for professional environments such as conference rooms, offices and commercial displays, which is reflected in its clean and minimalist design, making it ideal for home use.

The Mi TV mobile stand is now available for pre-order in China for 999 yuan ($ 156).


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