Xiaomi is subject to Samsung: Next product category collapses

Xiaomi is subject to Samsung: Next product category collapses

Has Xiaomi taken over? It was only recently announced that the sales of smartwatches from the Chinese manufacturer have collapsed while the competition is growing. Now it hits another product category of a billion dollar market.

Xiaomi sells a lot fewer true wireless headphones than Samsung

Wireless headphones that are connected to smartphones via Bluetooth are all the rage. Countless manufacturers now offer true wireless headphones, including Xiaomi. The Chinese manufacturer's models are very popular as they have good sound quality at a low price. But that doesn't seem to be enough, because sales fell by 21.3 percent in the 3rd quarter of 2021 .

Apple continues to lead the way, selling the largest number of true wireless headphones. The market share there has also decreased by 33.7 percent. Samsung follows in second place. The South Korean manufacturer was able to grow by 12.7 percent and significantly expand its lead over Xiaomi. In third place is Xiaomi:

When you consider that the global market for true wireless headphones has grown by 1.3 percent, the numbers from Apple and Xiaomi are of course very disappointing. Apple stays in first place, but Samsung is making good progress. However, almost 50 percent of the entire market is shared by other manufacturers who are not even mentioned here in detail. It feels like every company now builds Bluetooth headphones. Xiaomi and Apple will definitely have to come up with something.

Even Palm is now building true wireless headphones:

Xiaomi is also losing in the smartwatch market

For Xiaomi, things are not only worse in the market with true wireless headphones, but also with smartwatches. The market share there has slumped even more at 23.8 percent, while Samsung was also able to grow there. The Chinese group will have to step up to keep up with Samsung and Apple. Things are going well on the smartphone market, but the competition is currently a bit stronger when it comes to accessories.


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