Xiaomi is investing in a virtual reality company

Xiaomi- affiliated company Hanxing Venture Capital has recently invested in a new company. The company in question revolves around virtual reality and was founded by the famous director Zhang Yimu.
According to PanDaily, VR Sky Limit Entertainment recently added both Xiaomi-sponsored investment firms and Intel Asia Pacific R&D as shareholders. At present, the registered capital of the company has increased by 75.7 million yuan (approximately 11.8 million US dollars). Sky Limit Entertainment is a virtual reality-based service provider that specializes in IP operations, content production, and digital real-life entertainment.

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This company was established in 2008 and its field of work includes organizing cultural and artistic activities, designing stage and sound lighting, performing agents, and so on. Currently, the company's shareholders are Lenovo Capital, Mango Foundation, Weiyue Group, Intel, Zhang Yimou and others. Remarkably, the filmmaker is known for winning numerous awards and accolades for his work in films such as Hero (2003), Red Lantern (1991) and War Flowers (2011) and several others.

The company's latest investment, sponsored by Xiaomi, joins other investments in various fields, such as automotive, automotive technology, AR, VR, semiconductors, and more. Some examples of its investments include NIO battery supplier, developer of independent driving technology Geometric Pal and many more.


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