Xiaomi ES50 2022 TV launched with HDR and Dolby Vision support

Xiaomi has just launched its ES50 2022 TV in China, which offers many features in its 50-inch curved screen. The resolution of this device is 4K, but more importantly, this device supports HDR and Dolby vision and can increase the brightness up to 600 nits at 4096 different levels.

One of the most important features of the new Xiaomi TV is its professional-level color accuracy of around 2.0 dE2000a, which is achieved through sophisticated algorithms that reduce color reproduction errors. Its artificial intelligence engine also uses ultra-high resolution algorithms to reduce noise, improve quality and eliminate low-resolution artificiality at the moment.

Xiaomi TV ES50 2022

Other notable features include MEMC, 10-bit color panel, MediaTek MT9638 quad-core chipset running on MIUI for TV 3.0, and surround-field microphones for volume control.

The TV is priced at 2,399 yuan and is available for pre-order in China, with actual sales starting on December 11th. There is no word on when it will be available internationally, but it is expected to make its way at least to India, where 43-, 55- and 65-inch variants are currently available.


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